Educational technology conference reflections

Focus on customer experience - an essential NUITEQ® value

A teacher’s guide for the Geometry lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

A teacher’s guide for the Einstein lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

Educational software for touchscreens, Snowflake MultiTeach® 5.1 released

NUITEQ® launches Lessons Online active learning ecosystem

A teacher’s guide for the Arrange lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

NUITEQ® appoints Dr. Edward Tse as its Director of Education Strategy

A teacher’s guide for the Scramble lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

A teacher’s guide for the Drop lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

A teacher’s guide for the Cards lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

The MultiTeach® Lessons Community - an online community for teachers

A teacher’s guide for the Sentences lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

A teacher’s guide for the Words lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

Highlights from this year's FETC conference

A teacher’s guide for the Guess lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

A teacher’s guide for the Groups lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

(Video) Discover the Snowflake MultiTeach® Science apps

A teacher’s guide for the Tags lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

Discover the Match lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

A teacher's guide for the Spinner lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

NUITEQ® appoints new Interactive Designer to its headquarters in Sweden

10 points of touch and Snowflake MultiTeach®

NUITEQ® and Sahara Presentation Systems PLC focus on the future with new 3-year partnership

Discover the Math apps in Snowflake MultiTeach®

Hands on with MultiTeach® collaborative software and multitouch displays

NUITEQ® signs new Snowflake distribution agreement with Clear Touch Interactive for the US and Canadian market

Discover the Puzzles and Creative apps in Snowflake MultiTeach®

5 benefits of multimedia learning

(Video) Discover the Browser app in Snowflake MultiTeach®

New multitouch collaborative software Snowflake 5.0.1 released

Snowflake Entertainment and MultiTeach® gameplay on Think Touch tables

A quick chat with one of NUITEQ's Senior Software Engineers

(Video) Discover the collaborative Media app in Snowflake MultiTeach®

(Video) Discover the Seats lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

(Video case study) How interactive technology improves education

(Video) Discover the Geometry lesson type from Snowflake MultiTeach®

High quality customer support - one of NUITEQ's key foundations

Bullying resources: learn, prevent, stop

(Video) Snowflake MultiTeach® 5, new features at a glance

Collaborative technology integration with Snowflake MultiTeach®

Clevertouch wins the Interactive Display Product of the Year award

3 Snowflake Business 5.0 new features you'll love

Snowflake Entertainment: games for school-based interventions

6 things you’ll love about Snowflake MultiTeach® 5.0

Multitouch software Snowflake Entertainment re-introduced

What are the latest k12 education trends?

New collaborative software for meeting rooms Snowflake Business 5.0

New collaborative education software for touchscreens: MultiTeach® 5.0

Moving towards multimedia learning

Integrated learning using Snowflake MultiTeach®

Differentiated instruction through Snowflake MultiTeach®

MultiTeach® supports the first hi-tech classroom in Washington County

Giving back, a NUITEQ® core value

Facing a wave of new hires this school year? Snowflake MultiTeach® can help!

Mega-list for Arts Integration, STEAM, and Collaborative Learning Tech

Infuse arts into STEM projects using collaborative touchscreen tech

NUITEQ® scores 92% customer satisfaction in June

5 interesting questions about collaborative learning answered

Award-winning IT entrepreneur appointed as Chairman of NUITEQ®

Benefits of integrating technology in classrooms

Collaborative STEM education and careers exploration

Snowflake touchscreen software makes the Tigra Kids table come to life

NUITEQ® scores 100% customer satisfaction in May

NUITEQ® celebrates 9 year anniversary

6 ways to become a 21st century teacher

NUITEQ® signs new Snowflake distribution agreement for Korea

NUITEQ® inks a Snowflake distribution agreement with Manicotouch

How to MultiTeach®: Introduction to Snowflake MultiTeach® Nodes App

How to MultiTeach®: Using the Arrange Type Lesson

500 Startups' Geeks On A Plane - East Asia - part 5 - final summary

500 Startups' Geeks On A Plane - East Asia - part 4

500 Startups' Geeks On A Plane - East Asia - part 3

500 Startups' Geeks On A Plane - East Asia - part 2

500 Startups' Geeks On A Plane - East Asia - part 1

NUITEQ® appoints new Marketing Officer for its headquarters in Sweden

How to MultiTeach: Using the Lessons Home Screen

Collaborative technology in a 1:1 world

NUITEQ's CEO Harry van der Veen Awarded Connect Ambassador Västerbotten 2015

New collaborative touch screen software for corporate board rooms - Snowflake Business 4.11

New touch screen software for 21st century classrooms released - MultiTeach® 4.11

Snowflake MultiTeach® on Spanish TV

New video demonstration of touch screen software MultiTeach® for classrooms

Video tutorial: touch screen software MultiTeach - Lessons - Einstein

Video: My take-aways of working and living in Silicon Valley

Touch screen technology supporting STEM in the 21st century classroom

How to use touch screen technology in the 21st century classroom - a MultiTeach® howto

Our support is 90,9% faster than other software companies

New collaborative multitouch touchscreen software for meeting rooms released - Snowflake Business 4.10.1

New Snowflake MultiTeach® collaborative touchscreen software for classrooms released version 4.10.1

Snowflake MultiTeach® - New collaborative touchscreen software for 21st century classrooms released

Edtech video: Snowflake MultiTeach touchscreen software for elementary schools

New video tutorial: MultiTeach corner menu

NUITEQ® re-signs exclusive partnership agreement with Sahara Presentation Systems Plc.

MultiTeach Lessons Community incentive program launched for teachers

Highlights from UIST 2015 - Animatronics + Digital Storytelling and more

Video tutorial touchscreen software for classrooms - MultiTeach - Scramble

Case study touchscreens in the classroom

Video tutorial: How to plan a classroom touchscreen lesson using MultiTeach

Video tutorial: How to plan a classroom lesson?

NUITEQ® signs MultiTeach distribution agreement for Australia with A Brighter Image

Touchscreen software for classrooms MultiTeach video tutorial - import a lesson

Snowflake more than just a great product - it comes with unmatched customer support

The collaborative classroom - A technological symphony with the teacher as conductor

New! MultiTeach Lessons Community - Touchscreen lessons for teachers by teachers

New video: Touchscreen software for classrooms MultiTeach

NUITEQ at Sahara Showcase in the UK

Video: How to be a better teacher?

NUITEQ presenting at NASDAQ

Classroom Touchscreen software MultiTeach success at EdTech 2015

New classroom touchscreen software MultiTeach 4.9.1 released

NUITEQ team building in the Swedish forest

NUITEQ Q3 2015 party photos are online

New Multitouch software Snowflake Business 4.9.1 released

Clear Touch Inks Exclusive U.S. Agreement with NUITEQ

New collaborative touchscreen software for classrooms released - MultiTeach 4.9

New video touchscreen software Snowflake Business for corporate meeting rooms

New release of touchscreen software Snowflake Business for corporate meeting rooms

NUITEQ partners highly commended & winning awards at the AV industry's Oscars

Edtech innovator NUITEQ® announces collaboration with Youtube star

The 21st Century Classroom and Multi-touch Technology

NUITEQ® appoints School Psychologist in the US as K-12 Technology Specialist

Why a multi-user multitouch Clevertouch display?

Snowflake NUI Technologies

K-12 touchscreen software MultiTeach makes learning fun 

Vote for Clevertouch as Manufacturer of the Year 2015

Multitouch and education is red hot, another acquisition in the interactive space

Video tutorial educational touchscreen software for classrooms

New K-12 touchscreen software for interactive classrooms released

New collaborative touchscreen software for meeting rooms released

Video: Creative IT industry Skellefteå

Educational touchscreen software video tutorial

Video tutorial educational multi touch software for classrooms

New touchscreen software for school classrooms released

Multitouch software Snowflake Business video tutorial Nodes

Collaborative multitouch touchscreen software for boardrooms

Porsche uses multitouch software Snowflake in their daily sales operations

Participating in a Silicon Valley Tech incubator - my bucket list item - checked!

Touchscreen software video tutorial - Snowflake MultiTeach - Lessons - Spinner

Just another day at the office in Silicon Valley - Week 3 of 4

Some insights into living in Palo Alto - Silicon Valley

The life of an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley

NUITEQ learning about Sales, Strategy, Marketing and other topics from world-class mentors in Silicon Valley

NUITEQ outdoor challenge :)

Touch screen software for multiple users simultaneously

Video tutorial: How teachers can create unique touchscreen lessons for classrooms

NUITEQ participates in Tech Incubator program in Silicon Valley

Video tutorial Snowflake MultiTeach, the multitouch software for interactive classrooms - Zones

Multitouch software Snowflake Business and Snowflake Entertainment 4.7.1 released

New version released of interactive multitouch screen software Snowflake MultiTeach for classrooms

Video tutorial multitouch software Snowflake MultiTeach - Lessons - Tags

Job alert: Two Sales Support Admin positions available at NUITEQ in Skellefteå as per 1st of June

Did you know? - Week 14

Video tutorial: Snowflake MultiTeach – Lessons – Quiz

Video tutorial: Snowflake MultiTeach - Lessons - Groups

Did you know? - Week 13

NUITEQ® raises 920 000 USD seed investment

Snowflake Remote for Android released - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Multitouch software Snowflake Entertainment for Android (beta)

Did you know? - Week 12

New Snowflake MultiTeach multitouch software brochure

NUITEQ launches revolutionary Snowflake MultiTeach 4.7 release for classrooms

Multitouch software Snowflake 4.7 for Business & Entertainment released

Snowflake MultiTeach & Clevertouch excite teachers and children at educational tech fair BETT

NUITEQ's Silicon Valley trip - education & inspiration

NUITEQ presenting at BETT 21-24 Jan and at ISE 10-12 Feb

NUITEQ goes Silicon Valley with Born Global program

Video: Snowflake Remote for iOS - BYOD

NUITEQ signs exclusive partnership agreement with Sahara for the UK

NUITEQ rebrands Snowflake ABC to Snowflake MultiTeach

Multitouch software Snowflake MultiTeach (formerly ABC) 4.6 released

Multitouch software Snowflake 4.6 - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Gauging public opinion with innovative Snowflake solution at Athens International Airport

Snowflake's Interactive Photobooth for Tupperware - by Intus

AOpen webinar Multitouch capabilities in digital signage

Multitouch software Snowflake Entertainment for Android (beta) - update

Snowflake in interactive kids corner at Birmingham airport

We are hiring a Software Engineer for our Bangalore office

What's great about working at multitouch software pioneer NUITEQ?

Video tutorial: How to upgrade multitouch software Snowflake

Video tutorial: How to activate/register your Snowflake multitouch software license

Video tutorial: How to install multitouch software Snowflake

NUITEQ's CEO Harry van der Veen wins IT-personality of the Year 2014 award

Multitouch software Snowflake ABC 4.5.1 released

Exhibiting multitouch software "Snowflake" at Sahara Partner event in the UK

50th release of award-winning multitouch software Snowflake

Multitouch software Snowflake at Infocomm India

We are hiring a Sales Executive!

Video tutorial: 13 Widgets for the Snowflake homescreen

Video tutorial Multi-user content sharing on interactive multitouch displays using Snowflake

Snowflake in healthcare / assisted living

Multitouch software Snowflake on Russian TV

Multitouch software Snowflake 4.5 - major leap forward in multi-user collaboration

Advanced, interactive digital signage solutions through AOPEN and NUITEQ partnership

Multitouch software Snowflake 4.4 with full Dropbox integration released

NUITEQ® signs Snowflake distribution agreement for Thailand and India

Turkish edition of multitouch software Snowflake, by TOUCH Furniture

Multitouch software Snowflake in public spaces

Multitouch software Snowflake 4.3.1 update released

Hackday project speech recognition with multitouch software Snowflake

8 hackday videos

Customise Snowflake without programming

NUITEQ® sponsors UFC® athlete Andreas "Real Steel" Ståhl

Snowflake hackday project WYSIWYG visual mockup tool

Audio sequencer hackday project based on Snowflake

My personal top 10 favourite additions/improvements since Snowflake 4.0

Snowflake Entertainment Plus - 9 app add-on pack

Hot new release! Multitouch software Snowflake 4.3 including powerful new widgets

Our passion for dedicated support - Its in our DNA

Updated Snowflake Business product brochure (extended version)

NUITEQ's partner Zytronic launches curved touchscreen

Why C++ (Snowflake) over Flash - Performance and Stability

Video tutorial: How to make a custom menu layout in Snowflake

Snowflake 4.2 released including Snowflake Entertainment Plus beta (12 new apps)

Great day in Umeå

Multitouch software pioneer NUITEQ celebrates its 7 year anniversary

NUITEQ® signs Snowflake multitouch software distribution agreement with Multitouch Mexico

Multitouch software Snowflake ABC 1.3.2 update released

Multitouch software Snowflake 4.1.1 update released

The best dressed man in India - colleague Munir just got married

Video tutorial: Snowflake Configurator - Apps tab

NUITEQ and Snowflake at Infocomm14 in Las Vegas June 18-20

NUITEQ's CTO Johan Larsson celebrating his birthday

Multitouch software Snowflake Entertainment compatible with Android™

Snowflake based multitouch software physics sandbox with box2d

New! Snowflake Entertainment Plus, a Snowflake add-on. Order now at a pre launch discount rate

Multitouch software Snowflake 4.1 released with powerful new features, upgrade cost free

The honour of presenting NUITEQ to ambassadors

Video preview: Snowflake 4.1 Rotate individual apps, ideal for multi-user multitouch scenarios

Video: Snowflake Configurator - Menu tab explained

NUITEQ proud sponsor of the most dominant team in 59 years of Swedish ice hockey - Skellefteå AIK wins gold again

Snowflake 4.0.6 minor update released

Multitouch software Snowflake Entertainment and Business - Mac and Linux compatible

NUITEQ's CEO Harry van der Veen - Lenovo Insider

Face detection, tracking and recognition with Snowflake

NUITEQ hackday project - object recognition using Snowflake and OpenCV

Bam, another update - Snowflake 4.0.5 released

NUITEQ hackday project - mobile device sensor interaction using Android with Snowflake

NUITEQ® signs new Snowflake distribution agreement with its existing South Korean Partner AVA Vision

Multitouch software Snowflake 4.0.4 released

Multitouch software Snowflake 4.0.3 released

NUITEQ® unveils the new evolution in multitouch software with Snowflake 4

Screenshots multitouch software Snowflake 4

Crazy & fun new approach to using multitouch software Snowflake - Interactive water display

NUITEQ Hackday project - Android Object interaction for capacitive touch screens

Average first response time NUITEQ Customer Support January 2014

Multitouch software Snowflake 4 change log / release notes

NUITEQ® launches Snowflake 4, seven years of multitouch software evolution

Snowflake 4 - Get in touch with your imagination - Coming soon

NUITEQ® sponsors MMA athlete Andreas “Real Steel” Ståhl for his UFC® debut

Multitouch software Snowflake ABC 1.3 for kids released (K-12) - Now with 18 languages out of the box!

NUITEQ proud sponsor of Swedish ice hockey champions Skellefteå AIK

Proud to meet the King and Queen of Sweden

Video: Hackday project multiplayer multi-platform iOS game integrated with multitouch software Snowflake

Video: Multitouch software real estate solution based on Snowflake Suite platform

Video: Hackday project Interaction recorder for multitouch software Snowflake Suite

Video: Hackday project QR tag reader for multitouch software Snowflake Suite

Video: Snowflake Entertainment Suite multitouch software

Video: Customised multitouch software Snowflake Suite by Korea based AVA Vision

NUITEQ signs Snowflake distribution agreement with its South Korean Partner AVA Vision for Japan

Multitouch software Snowflake ABC 1.1 for kids released (K-12)

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.3 released, including graphical revamp

Snowflake Suite 3.3 to be released soon, including graphics revamp

Touchworld and 3M showcasing multitouch software Snowflake in Moscow

Video: Multitouch software Snowflake Suite for BlackBerry in retail, by NUITEQ's Mexican partner Intus

Multitouch software Snowflake ABC popular in kindergartens

More Snowflake Suite multitouch software for BlackBerry, with NUITEQ's Mexican Partner Intus

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite for retail purposes by NUITEQ's Mexican partner Intus for BlackBerry

Snowflake ABC video shoot behind the scenes photos

Snowflake ABC multitouch software for kids in education (K-12) screenshots

NUITEQ launches educational multitouch software suite Snowflake ABC for kids in primary education K-12

We are hiring! Looking for a Business Developer for our HQ in Skellefteå

NUITEQ® partners with UAE based ACLOUD to offer Snowflake Suite and custom multitouch software development services to the Middle Eastern region

One plus one becomes three with NUITEQ and Zone Systems

Video: Skellefteå airport multitouch installation, powered by Snowflake Suite

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite version 3.2 released - 35th release

Snowflake Suite multitouch software for airports, reception areas etc. A closer look.

NUITEQ deploys interactive multitouch wow experience at Skellefteå Airport

Video: TOUCH Furniture multitouch solutions from NUITEQ's Turkish partner 5 dakika

Video: 55" multitouch display from Zytronic, running NUITEQ's multitouch software Snowflake Suite

Winter Swimming in Skellefteå, NUITEQ for charity

Video: Customised Snowflake Suite multitouch software solution in Mexico City for Bayer

ISE 2013: Multitouch software Snowflake Suite success story continues

Multitouch display from 3M Touch Systems running Snowflake Suite

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam (pictures)

NUITEQ sponsoring the first Scandinavian Championships in Winter Swimming

We are hiring! Looking for two sales / business development personnel

Iiyama multitouch display powered by multitouch software Snowflake Suite

Video: Interactive display from NEC at ISE running Snowflake Suite

ISE: Multitouch sphere from MediaScreen running NUITEQ's image processing software TouchCore

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite and NUITEQ at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite version 3.1.1 released - 34th version

Multitouch software developer NUITEQ wins prestigious Company of the Year 2013 award

NUITEQ® expands its Global Partner Network with 5 dakika in Turkey

NUITEQ's multitouch software solutions including Snowflake Suite come with dedicated and timely support

Merry Christmas and a healthy 2013

Autodesk integrated multitouch support in their software solution(s)

Multitouch software solution for the real estate sector based on the Snowflake Suite platform

Video: Interactive virtual dress room solution based on Snowflake platform for retail in-store usage

NUITEQ® appoints seasoned software entrepreneur Jens Lundström as a board member and advisor

The NUITEQ November News letter is out

Interactive virtual dress room solution based on Snowflake platform for retail in-store usage in Mexico

Snowflake Suite multitouch software in action in Uruguay

NUITEQ sponsored athlete Lena Hellqvist becomes worlds second best

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.1 (the 33rd version) released - Download it now

Retail giant Best Buy using multitouch software Snowflake Suite

My thoughts on visiting Gitex 2012 in Dubai, by Dennis Mohi

Innovation Now deploys large scale multitouch wall and interactive kiosks using the Snowflake SDK for its museum client

NUITEQ expands its business in Mexico with the appointment of its new partner Intus

Beautiful NEC touchscreen with Snowflake Suite

W00t, happy birthday to me ;)

Video: The Surface Movement

Snowflake Suite's 33rd release in over 5 years, version 3.1 to be released this October - Upgrade cost free

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite made touchless with aerial gestures using Microsoft Kinect

24 Hours with Lenovo IdeaCentre A720

Interactive infopoint and wayfinding solution based on the Snowflake Suite multitouch software platform and 3M multitouch display technology for Campus Skellefteå

Award-winning Lenovo A720 All-In-One with Snowflake Suite reviews

NUITEQ's future office at Campus Skellefteå

NUITEQ signs OEM agreement with Chinese computer giant Lenovo for multitouch software platform Snowflake Suite

Snowflake Suite multitouch software splash screen

Alienbugs update released for iOS

17 year old develops his own touchscreen table

C++ (Snowflake) outperforms Adobe based products

Wong now available for iOS, play it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Snowflake product brochure now also available in Italian, Romanian, Ukrainian and Norwegian (19 languages in total)

NUITEQ's Alienbugs now available for download from the Apple App Store

Video: Motorised Interactive Desk: Mekanix Elektro by Interactive Box

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.0.2 update released, update cost free now

C++ / OpenGL Software Engineer job offer at NUITEQ (Skellefteå, Sweden or Bangalore, India), we are recruiting

Business Development Executive job offer at NUITEQ, we are recruiting

Snowflake Suite multitouch software product brochure available 15 languages, newly added: Brazilian Portuguese and Arabic

Snowflake Suite in action on multi screen multitouch wall installation

65" large scale interactive multitouch desk by NUITEQ's Partner Interactive Box

NUITEQ® and Seoul headquartered AVA Vision sign partner contract extension to strengthen their collaboration in the Korean market

Zytronic corporate video and Zytronic multitouch technology in action videos

NUITEQ® appoints Office Trondheim as its partner in Norway to offer its multitouch software Snowflake and custom development services

Microsoft buys Jeff Hans Perceptive Pixel

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.0.1 update released

NUITEQ's Partner Touch International at Display Week SID 2012 in Boston

Big Steve visiting the NUITEQ office

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite center of attraction in shopping mall

How IKEA is using multitouch software Snowflake Suite in their shopping outlets

How to setup the e-mail functionality in Snowflake Suite

Why the Snowflake Suite Developer and Lite Edition for multitouch software development?

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.0 release notes / change log

NUITEQ® launches its 30th release Snowflake Suite version 3.0 in five hot new flavors; Developer, Lite, Entertainment, Presentation and Ultimate

Sponsor walkout T-shirt of @ferociousswede MMA athlete Lena Hellqvist

NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite multitouch software the preferred solution of choice for interactive solutions providers at Screen Media Expo

NUITEQ® assigns Hit Right Technology (HRT) as a partner in Saudi Arabia to offer Snowflake Suite as the premiere multitouch software with HRT's multitouch displays

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.0 photos available (actual release later this month)

New video of multitouch software product Snowflake Suite 3.0 in action

Multitouch solution for Properties and Real Estate powered by Snowflake

Pre-order Snowflake Suite 3.0 now at the current lower rate

"Can we please go to the NUITEQ office and play with Snowflake?"

Snowflake Suite 3.0 preview (release in April) - You can pre-order now at the current price

What does a version number say about a multitouch software product? Nothing, here's why

Video: 3D Viewer and Hotspot inside Snowflake Suite - MedVue

Video: Media Viewer and PDF Viewer inside Snowflake Suite - DesignVue

Video of the capabilities of Snowflake Suite - Draw on Video - SportsVue

NUITEQ® appoints Alex Landoni as its new Business Development Manager, Dennis Mohi promoted to Global Business Development Manager

Touch is dangerous or is non touch dangerous?

Multitouch cat

Awesome Snowflake Explorer Theme by NUITEQ's Partner Interactive Box (no programming required)

Multitouch software solution Snowflake Suite version 2.3 released and available for free trial download now

Photos: Automa multitouch table with Snowflake Suite multitouch software

NUITEQ's Colombian partner Automa gives Snowflake Suite demonstration

Happy Valentine's Day - NUITEQ is showing its love by giving away free 2 week temporary license keys

New Snowflake Suite multitouch software product brochure available

World famous actors Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds playing with Snowflake Suite on prime time Spanish TV

Wicked video of touch technology by Corning

Innovation Now's multitouch table with Inno-Suite (customized Snowflake Suite)

Snowflake Suite multitouch software LinkedIn Group

Video of multitouch software Snowflake Suite in action by NYU Systems and Sourcetech

Snowflake Suite 2.3 preview - public release 22 February

Snowflake Suite - Quality, Performance, Stability, Customizable Content, Dedicated Support

Videos of ISE 2012 in Amsterdam of multitouch hardware providers running NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite

Snowflake Suite multitouch software on interactive displays all over ISE 2012 in Amsterdam (day 2 pictures)

Snowflake Suite multitouch software on interactive displays all over ISE 2012 in Amsterdam

Snowflake Suite multitouch software version 2.2 video of new features

Version 2.2 released of Snowflake Suite, the off the shelf multitouch software product

My trip to CES 2012 in Las Vegas

NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite multi-touch software on the Lenovo #multitouch screens

NUITEQ and Lenovo collaborate to display the future of multi-touch, multi-user solutions at the 2012 CES show in Las Vegas

End of year reflection on Snowflake Suite development in 2011

NUITEQ promotes Senior Software Engineer Johan Larsson to Head of Research and Development

NUITEQ's Russian Partner Touch World showcased multi-touch technology at Integrated Systems Russia

Snowflake is awesome...But don't take our word for it - Customer testimonial

Snowflake Suite video tutorial: How to add multiple Media Viewers

NUITEQ earns a position on the prominent Deloitte Rising Stars award list

NUITEQ's Thanksgiving gift: New 2.1.1 Snowflake Suite version released, the multi-touch software platform

NUITEQ is a Finalist for the 2011 Red Herring 100 Global Award

PR announcement: NUITEQ® announces the release of version 2.1 of its industry leading multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite

Snowflake Suite 2.1 released now! Download your copy from

Video tutorial: How to change your corner menu settings for apps inside Snowflake

Video tutorial: How to change the default starting main menu layout

Video tutorial: How to remove applications from Snowflake

Video tutorial: How to replace the main menu background in Snowflake

Video: Snowflake Suite 2.1 features preview

NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite multi-touch software platform version upgrade 2.1 soon to be launched

Video: Snowflake Suite uniquely customized template (no programming required)

Snowflake Suite multi-touch software in action screenshots

Snowflake Suite multi-touch software platform - Customizable look and feel (no programming required)

Video: Snowflake multi-touch software on ZaagTech X3 Series 32 Touch Points Overlay

The NUITEQ October News letter is out now

NUITEQ has been saying it for years and now Gartner backs ups the claim

Snowflake Suite has been leading the multi-touch software industry for years and it gets better by the day

NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite now compatible with visualplanet's revolutionary new touchfoil™

NUITEQ's Snowflake multi-touch software deployed in Claro retail stores for BlackBerry in Ecuador

Retweet and you can win a free life time Snowflake Suite multi-touch software license

NUITEQ's Partner Interactive Box offers crazy 50% discount on their multi-touch systems

Snowflake for Blackberry and COMCEL by Interactos Media in Colombia

Probably the worlds best multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite just got even better. Update 2.0.7 released.

Snowflake Remote for iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone version update 1.1 released

Snowflake Suite used by Toyota in car showrooms across Greece

The NUITEQ September News letter is out now!

Snowflake Suite multitouch software version update 2.0.6 released

Visit GITEX in October in Dubai and meet NUITEQ

NUITEQ® and Skyluft enter into a Partnership to distribute Snowflake in Ecuador

NUITEQ's USA Partner Ideum uses TouchCore on their seven foot uniquely shaped multi-touch wall

Snowflake Suite multitouch software version update 2.0.5 released

Business Coach Martin Wiklund of Uminova Innovation joins NUITEQ's Board of Advisors

Video: NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite on NMR's 103" multi-touch plasma table

Video: Multitouch solution for Corporate Reception / Lounge areas based on Snowflake Framework

Multi-touch software Snowflake Suite 2.0.4 version update released

NUITEQ's new website launched at

Brand new multi-touch solution videos of NUITEQ's Partner Interactive Box

My last weeks trip to India visiting NUITEQ's Indian Partner TouchMagix

Snowflake 2.0.3 upgrade released

Snowflake Suite 2.0 on the Inno-Table, a true multi-user multitouch table

Yeah baby yeah! Snowflake 2.0.2 released

Snowflake 2.0 release well received around the globe on the first day - Snowflake 2.0.1 released

Three easy Snowflake downloads

NUITEQ® launches major version upgrade with the release of Snowflake Suite 2.0, its award-winning multi-touch software product

Snowflake 2.0 application screenshots online

Snowflake 2.0 change log available now!

The NUITEQ June News letter is out now!

Putting Snowflake through the grinder and coming out beautifully - By NUITEQ's CTO Mikael Bauer

Modernita in Greece customizes NUITEQ's Snowflake for advertisement and gaming

Snowflake on TV in Malta - by Charles Aquilina

Snowflake in Japan at the 19th 3D Virtual Reality exhibition

New Snowflake pricing announced

Snowflake 2.0 pre release screenshot

Video: InfoComm 2011: 3M Touch Systems Explains Its Wide Aspect Ratio Display

Seoul, South Korea trip pictures ( true multitouch and food )

Video: NUITEQ's multitouch software Snowflake running on a large scale multi laser interactive projection Q-screen from isiQiri

Videos: NUITEQ's Partner Touch International - Display Week 2011

NUITEQ's multi-touch software Snowflake shown on Greek national television

Limited HOT Snowflake 2.0 pre-order opportunity

NUITEQ's UK Partner Sahara Presentation Systems plc released an exciting new product brochure

Snowflake 2.0 pre release screenshots - What's to come, a massive increase in value

26 Things you might not know about Snowflake

Snowflake Suite Configuration Editor

Presented NUITEQ at the Yearly Entrepreneurial Party in Luleå

NUITEQ is a Finalist for the 2011 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award

The NUITEQ May News letter is out now!

Cool interactive solutions by NUITEQ's Indian Partner TouchMagix

New Snowflake 2.0 to be released in June, an increase in added value, benefits and price

NUITEQ delivers a customized multi-touch experience to Aurorum Science Park in Luleå

Video: Presentation NUITEQ, Snowflake, benefits of multi-touch, mobile multi-touch and the future of multi-touch

NUITEQ® and Swedish interactive solutions provider Zenton formalise their partnership

NUITEQ® and UK based AV distributor Sahara Presentation Systems plc announce their partnership

Kinect with Snowflake / Poll

NUITEQ's multi-touch technology emphasizes the beauty of Porsche

Icehockey semi finals Skellefteå AIK - Luleå

Video: NUITEQ's French partner Arscenique showcasing their huge multi-touch display with Snowflake

Hoppa!!! New Snowflake Suite 1.9.4 version upgrade released today

Skelleftea is cool

NUITEQ's CTO Mikael Bauer nominated for the Mer-IT 2011 award in the category IT-person of the Year

Do you literally want to change the world? Are you a sales maverick? Get in touch with NUITEQ now!

Touché a Mobile multi-touch solution and Monolite a vertical multi-touch totem

Pictures: NUITEQ office redone

Touch International and NUITEQ Partner to Promote Multi-Touch Technology

Video: NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite Multi-touch software

Engadget: Asus reveals ET2700 all-in-one desktop

2 pictures Åre Kapital Marknads Dagar 2011

NUITEQ wins Connect Norr Årets Företag 2011 award

Ecuador based Skyluft showcases NUITEQ's Snowflake multitouch software

Something totally not multitouch related, Magicka, the number 1 hit on Steam

NUITEQ attended BETT, the worlds largest educational technology event of the year

NUITEQ wins the prestigious 2010 Red Herring 100 Global Award

NUITEQ® and its new Russian partner TouchWorld sign a licensing agreement to bundle Snowflake with their multitouch hardware

Multitouch for education - NUITEQ visiting BETT this week

Video: MasTouch 32" Projected Capacitive Touch Panel featuring NUITEQ's award-winning multi-touch software Snowflake Suite

NUITEQ's Indian partner TouchMagix introduces the MagixTable™ a flat true multi-user multitouch device

Video: dreaMTouch with Snowflake multi-touch software at Electronica 2010

NUITEQ is a Finalist for the 2010 Red Herring 100 Global Award

Multi-touch for advertising by NUITEQ's CIO Jonathan Chee

NUITEQ's early Christmas gift to the world - Snowflake Suite 1.9.3 released

NUITEQ featured by Swedish TV4 and Computer Sweden

NUITEQ's Russian partner TouchWorld showcased at Integrated Systems Russia

NUITEQ's Korean partner AVA Vision showcase at Kosign, big success

NUITEQ awarded 10th Most Promising Tech Startup in the World

The Run home event for charity Ty Hafan reached the finish line

NUITEQ's Italy based partner Interactive Box launches new multi-touch products

Be happy with what you got

Kinect alike technology by NUITEQ

NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite multi-touch software scores a review value of 18/20

Last weeks Munich/Stockholm trip

Any sugar with that?

NUITEQ October News letter available now!

Video: NUITEQ's multi-touch software Snowflake Suite running on PQ Labs true multi-touch hardware

NUITEQ and Visual Planet support charity

NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite released

Photo: NUITEQ's Business Development Manager Dennis Mohi receiving the Best Spin-off of the Year Award

NUITEQ® wins Best Spin-off of the Year Award during Entrepreneurs Week

My first month at NUITEQ - by Dennis Mohi

Colombia based Automa partners with NUITEQ® to integrate Snowflake for deployment of interactive advertisement solutions in South America

NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite slamming success at digiSIGN in Korea presented AVA Vision

Launch Microsoft Touch Pack apps from within Snowflake

Hot new release, the long awaited Snowflake Suite version upgrade 1.9.2 is available now!

Pictures 5 meter long multi-touch bar for oil and gas giant Total

NUITEQ and partners deliver large scale 5 meter long multi-touch bar to Total

NUITEQ launches Snowflake Suite twitter account

NUITEQ featured by Infotech Umea

Case study: NUITEQ's multi-touch technology assists handicapped children with their education

NUITEQ featured in Swedens #1 business news paper

NUITEQ developed interactive multi-touch map exploration application for Euro Mine Expo

NUITEQ June Newsletter published

NUITEQ @ Innovate!100

NUITEQ celebrates 3rd year anniversary, order Snowflake NOW and get a FREE iPod touch

NUITEQ wins prestigious Red Herring 100 Europe 2010 award

NUITEQ gives away free iPod touches to celebrate its 3rd year anniversary

10 reasons why to use NUITEQ's multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite

NUITEQ's partner Ideum creates unique interactive multi-touch exhibit for Oaklund Museum of California

NUITEQ May Newsletter published

NUITEQ is a Finalist for the 2010 Red Herring 100 Europe Award

NUITEQ releases upgrade version 1.9.1 of its award-winning multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite

Video: Snowflake Suite running on the ViP interactive touch foil from NUITEQ's partner Visual Planet

Windopluz interactive multi-touch bar powered by Snowflake Suite

Multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite 1.9.1 upgrade preview, release next week

Exciting things are happening in the multi-touch technology industry, venture capital wise

NUITEQ nominated for Norrmejerier-stipendiet 2010 award. Vote now!

Thai interactive solutions provider Windopluz partners with NUITEQ

NUITEQ's multi-touch software Snowflake Suite now compatible with Visual Planet's Dual Touch foil

NUITEQ interview in Swedish entrepreneur magazine Näringsliv i Norr

NUITEQ assists South African partners with 5 meter long interactive multi-touch table project in Saudi Arabia

Ideum installs MT-50 multi-touch table with Snowflake, in the Petrosains Discovery Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

NUITEQ launches online store and Snowflake Suite 1.9 version upgrade blog 3 years

Video: Ideum's MT-50 multi-touch table hammer and bowling ball drop test

NUITEQ wins MerIT award

Video: Snowflake Suite on 46" flat full HD true multi-touch LCD

NUITEQ newsletter February 2010 online

NUITEQ now offers flat 46" full HD multi-touch displays

Controlling NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite with radarTOUCH's review of an earlier version of Snowflake Suite for the N-trig platform

NUITEQ's partner Ideum launches another great multi-touch exhibit

NUITEQ wins Innovation Company of the Year 2010 award

Snowflake Suite featured on BBC

The importance of setting accurate expectations

Snowflake Suite on 100" multi-touch wall

NUITEQ nominated for Innovation Company of the Year award

Wacom To Show Unlimited Finger Touch System Prototype At CES

Happy NUI Year

Snowflake Suite SDK now freely available for download

Snowflake Suite 1.8 and Snowflake SDK released

NUITEQ assists LTU Skellefteå at SACO-event with new educational multi-touch desk

Upcoming events that NUITEQ will be visiting/exhibiting

Elektrosil partners with NUITEQ to integrate Snowflake Suite on the dreaMTouch

NUITEQ featured in regional news paper

Snowflake Suite 1.8 Sneak Preview

NUITEQ is seeking additional Sales Representatives

NUITEQ November news letter online

Snowflake Suite 1.7 free evaluation download for Win 7 available for N-trig, 3M Touch Systems, NextWindow and Lumio platforms

NUIversity® video novel fast Flash Local Connection and Snowflake Suite

Press release online: NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite 1.7 release compatible with Windows 7

NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite 1.7 released

NUITEQ closes fiscal year with 300% revenue increase

NUITEQ seeks International Sales Manager

NUITEQ launches new website @

Participation in interview with Vinton Cerf, Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist

NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite featured in latest N-trig video

Snowflake Suite compatible with 3M multi-touch technology (video)

Globacore and NUITEQ deliver stunning multi-touch experience at Cityscape Dubai 2009

Snowdoku pictures (multi-touch, multi-user collaborative Sudoku game)

Opening launch of Battlefield Command with NUITEQ Multi-touch Wall

Natural User Interface leading technology supplier for high profile Living In Style event

Attended the Stevie International Business Awards gala dinner in New York last week

Snowflake Suite Flash Interactable Component NUIversity® video

Snowflake Suite 1.6.2 update released

Snowflake Suite Flash Connection Component NUIversity® video

Touchtech and Natural User Interface partner on project for Sydsvenskan

Extended offer: Get a FREE iPod Touch when purchasing 1 Snowflake Suite license for rear camera based solutions

Special offer: Order 2 Snowflake Suite licenses for NextWindow and get a FREE Ipod Touch

Natural User Interface's OEM partner Ideum launches new and improved multi-touch table

Arcstream AV's iNTERAX multi-touch technology

Quick video of Snowflake Suite 1.6 vision tracking on Horizon

Natural User Interface releases major Snowflake Suite upgrade (news item)

Snowflake Suite 1.6 release + free trial download for NextWindow

NUITech Twitter updates

Natural User Interface Europe AB adopts new branding

Natural User Interface assists the Public Utilities Board (PUB) in Singapore

Natural User Interface Europe AB honored in sixth Annual International Business Awards

Natural User Interface serves Singapore Changi Airport with multitouch technology

Snowflake Suite with advanced Nextwindow support

Natural User Interface Europe AB secures first round investment from Savingbank of Norrland foundation for Venture Capital

Natural User Interface Europe AB partners with N-trig

Pictures Formula 1 with Ferrari and Natural User Interface

NUI Suite Snowflake integration on gorgeous 100" multi-touch table by Ideum

Natural User Interface assists SingTel with iMedia launch

Natural User Interface Europe AB in N-trig brochure

Photo's N-trig booth at SID Display Week

NUI Suite Snowflake on N-trig platform at SID

NUI Suite Snowflake on N-trig platform at SID (San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Article in Nyteknik about Natural User Interface + 67" wall installation

Free shipping + discount on Horizon

Natural User Interface Europe AB (NUI) Twitter updates

A new Horizon at the Formula 1

NUI Suite Snowflake 1.5 freely available for trial with additional support

NUI Multi-touch Summit in Germany, sponsored by Adobe, a success

Immersive Labs video with NUI Suite Snowflake

NUI Suite Snowflake demonstrated in Saudi Arabia

Perceptive Pixel Wins the 2009 National Design Award from the Smithsonian Institution's Cooper-Hewitt Museum

NUI offers 25% discount on NUI Suite Snowflake for Nextwindow platform

Natural User Interface Europe AB featured in Wired article

Arcstream Multi-touch Wall at Butterfly Night Chimera

Natural User Interface Multi-touch Summit, sponsored by Adobe, 9th of May, Munich, Germany

Natural User Interface featured in Pulse Magazine (Singapore)

Twitter update from Natural User Interface

Natural User Interface featured in Swedish business magazine with 67" multi-touch table

Microsoft Surface pain in the neck to setup according to Engadget

Interactive Displays Conference San Jose

MT2 Table from Ideum or Surface from Microsoft

NUI and Arcstream partner on a project for Lockheed Martin

NUI's multi-touch daily operations Twitter update

DB Systems' multi-touch systems shipping now

Natural User Interface Europe AB gives away 1 free pass to IDC

Natural User Interface Europe AB sponsors Interactive Displays Conference in San Jose

NUI assists National University of Singapore during its 4th NUS Arts Festival (NAF) with its innovative multi-touch technology

NUI's partner Ideum wins an award for their multi-touch product

Natural User Interface Twitter update 28 March - 5 April

Children love NUI Suite Snowflake

Going to IDC 2009 21-23 of April

NUI's multi-touch Twitter updates

NUI job offer (Sales/Project Manager)

NUI multitouch twitter updates 14-22 March

Video: NUI Suite Snowflake (plug-in) running on HP TouchSmart with NextWindow technology

NUI Suite Snowflake for thin LCD, Plasma and TFT solutions

Natural User Interface Twitter updates

NUI's IEEE White paper of IEEE Tabletops and Interactives Surfaces 2008 online

NUI Suite Snowflake once again used in new Multi-touch Exhibition Space in USA

Natural User Interface showcases their multi-touch technology in partnership with Young and Rubicam

NUI Twitter update 14-28 February

NUI partner Ideum installs Multitouch Table and Mapping Exhibit

NUI Twitter update 2-13 Feb

Ideum launches Multitouch Blogs, sponsored by Natural User Interface

Press release NUI Ideum partnership online

NUI Suite Snowflake video

NUI OEM Partner Ideum releases new robust multi-touch table with NUI Suite Snowflake

NUI mentioned in Computer Sweden as a Swedish alternative to Microsoft Surface

NUI Twitter Highlights of last week

Arcstream AV engages into OEM Partnership with Natural User Interface

Natural User Interface gives away free Ipod touch

NUI Suite Snowflake running on another interactive multi-touch surface wall in UK second anniversary

NUI Suite Snowflake compatible with HP TouchSmart multi-touch

First week of Twitter highlights

NUI Suite Snowflake multi-touch software product demonstrated on multi-touch wall surface in UK

Bill Gates likes the idea of Natural User Interface (NUI) for software

Multi-touch workshop by Natural User Interface

Natural User Interface on Twitter

NUI showcasing multi-touch technology in Asia in partnership with Raffles Education

Happy NUI Year

(Video) Flash applications running with NUI Suite Snowflake

Multi-touch at MGEN in France by NUI and byVOLTA

NUI Horizon interactive multi-touch table pictures

NUI's multi-touch solution showcased on various events in Sweden

Natural User Interface and Adobe together organizing multi-touch Flash event

Natural User Interface Europe AB meets Adobe

NUI Horizon pictures

NUI enriches the International Architectural Exhibition in Saudi Arabia with Horizon

NUI's interactive multi-touch table at upcoming public Swedish events

NUI project (2x1,5m multi-touch table) demonstrated at Cityscape Dubai 2008

NUI launches new multi-touch applications at Dreamhack and Researchers Friday

Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape

Natural User Interface (NUI) partnering with Durham University on SynergyNet project

Life just got a bit more interesting


Former NUI resource soon to be starting at Microsoft

NUI's work demonstrated in Argentina

Natural User Interface (NUI) launches new website today

NUI Whitepaper approved for Tabletop '08

NUI at upcoming Dreamhack Skelleftea, Sweden

NUI at IEEE Tabletops and Interactive Surfaces 2008

Natural User Interface on French national television

Presentation Malmo From Business to Buttons online

Natural User Interface demoed at Campus Party Colombia

Natural User Interface will work on NICE

Video multitouch project Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2008 online

Natural User Interface at Dreamhack 2008 Summer and in Ny Teknik

Natural User Interface in latest O'reilly book about gestures

Business to buttons

Natural User Interface in Dagens Industri

Apple Iphone 3G

NUI Pawel Solyga at Google

Natural User Interface on French TV

Natural User Interface working on award winning game Magicka

NUI featured in biggest computer magazine in Sweden

NUI delivers customized multi-touch solution for Cityscape, Abu Dhabi 2008 (2) teaser video

NUI delivers customized multi-touch solution for Cityscape, Abu Dhabi 2008

Laval Virtual pictures

NUI nominated for evolution capacity at Laval Virtual

La Réalité Virtuelle passe à table

7 NUI Group students in Google Summer of Code 2008

French national television broadcast on multitouch solutions

Natural User Interface at Laval Virtual

Temporary website Natural User Interface online

NUI at Dreamhack Skellefteå

Joining the Microsoft Surface team (1st of April joke) 1 year old

Visited Reactable

Another video of the Digitale Interactive Table (DIT)

Virtual DJ on NUI-Box

Project with Google

Presentation Brussels

DNA (Digital News Affairs) 2008 Brussels Belgium

Tempels Digital Interactive Table (DIT) in Brasil

3 NUI-Boxes in Dutch healthcare institutes

NUI's/Tempels Digital Interactive Table in Brasil

Industrial designer joining NUI team

Two new talented Indian interaction designers working within NUI

Multitouch on Dutch TV (2)

Multitouch on Dutch TV

50 Free NUI Group tshirts

Our multitouch touchEarth application mentioned on Google blog

Another touchEarth demo

Happy NUI Year

NUI Software Demo


Blogpost about the Digital Interactive Table

Multitouch presentation in Poland (media and keynote)

Internship proposal C++/OpenGL programmer

Our new video of touchEarth (Google Earth multi-touch)

Featured in German design magazine

FTIR Depth Mapping

NUI featured in Association Francaise de Realite Virtuelle

DIT - Google Earth at SIMO 2007 (update)

touchEarth / 3d model application

Multi-touch evening at SOCO Amsterdam with Martin Kaltenbrunner and Ralph Das

Multi-touch in Amsterdam

NUI-Box in Gothenburg, Stockholm and at Dreamhack in Jönköping

Digital Interactive Table at SIMO in Madrid

Multi-touch demonstration in Paris next week

NUI-Box, a collaborative multi-user multi-touch input device

How not to treat hardened glas

Natural User Interface at Optik i Sverige 2007

NUI-Box at public events in Sweden

Interaction Designer Martin Kuipers coming to Skellefteå

NUI interviewed during Tekniska Mässan by Dagens Teknik

NUI-Box prototype demonstration in Spain

NUI-Box / NUI Framework demonstration in Paris (promo video)

Natural User Interface and NUI-box in the Media (2)

Home sweet home / upcoming events

Fourth and final day at Tekniska Mässan

Third day at Tekniska Mässan

Photo's second day Tekniska Mässan

First day at Tekniksa Mässan

Our booth at Tekniska Mässan in Stockholm Sweden

NUI-box to be displayed at Tekniska Mässan in Stockholm and Paris

Pictures of NUI-box in action during Researchers day in Skelleftea, Sweden

Natural User Interface and NUI-box in the media

NUI-box at Adobe Max Chicago

NUI-box success during Researchers day in Skelleftea Sweden

New photo's NUI-box (~box)

Multi-touch at Adobe Max Chicago by NUI and NUI Group

Videos of our NUI Framework software package

~logo on chassis

Diffused illumination setup

protective films that don't work

~ logo test spray

~group promo video / flash multi-touch app video / update

Sick short throw projector arrived

Jeff Han talks about Multi-Touch at Nextfest 07

~tv beta online

Ordered illuminators for DI

New chassis for ~box

NUI Group member coming to Sweden to help on research

Apple releases Ipod Touch

Laptop without physical keyboard

OpenTouch presentation at Google by Pawel Solyga

Graduated as a Bachelor of Multimedia

TouchAPI + TouchLib / OpenTouch

Microsoft Surface at Siggraph 2007, San Diego, CA

Control your TV with hand gestures

Apple patents multi-touch gesture dictionary

Static materials tip

Surface mounted leds

2 tips regarding handling your Rosco

Interaction without multitouch, keyboard or mouse

Tip for creating your own silicone rubber compliant surface overlays

Rosco samples arrived / small update

Testing different rear projection screens

multitouch conceptual 3d models

firewire sweetness

Cheaper shipping costs for silicone rubber / firewire cam / tft's

firewire cam, rear projection screen samples, silicone rubber, acrylic, summit

Diffused Illumination testing

NUI Group accesible by Ventrilo

multitouch by rear infrared illumination

Another Starcraft movie on our multitouch display

Another multitouch Starcraft movie, this time multi touch

Disassembling a TFT monitor for multitouch project

Apple touch patent

Microsoft Surface (multitouch) video's

Starcraft on our multitouch

Microsoft Surface

Multi-touch display exhibition at Skelleftea

Multi-touch thesis presentations

Tom Clancy's Endwar trailer with multitouch / Microsoft PlayTable GUI

Updated my ftir multi touch display how-to guide

Rosco rear projection screen tested with silicone rubber sheet

Box painted

tDesk & Touch Tracer - multitouch demo applications

Alternative forward page option in browser

Final adjustments prototype

Small whiteboard and picture for usability

door and airtunnels

camera attachment, handles, aircondition, top cover

Some more details on the silicone rubber

Mounting and testing the screen

Making silicone rubber sheet for prototype / diy oven

multi-touch display how-to guide release alpha version

Making a silicone rubber sheet

Angled mirror video

Finishing beamer mechanism

A multi-touch FTIR display howto video compilation

Arrived in Sweden

NUIgroup multi-touch display video presentations

FireWire vs. USB 2.0

DIY FTIR multi-touch display - Solution: compliant surface projection material

Interesting link to IEEE1394 Digital Camera List

Multi-touch display table frame inspiration

Working Flash applications with multi-touch

DIY howto guide for multi-touch display update

Project/community update

DIY FTIR Multi-touch display - webcam update

Writing a DIY FTIR multi-touch display howto guide

DIY FTIR Multi-touch display - setting up and testing the system

DIY FTIR Multi-touch display - wiring the leds

Just some pictures

DIY FTIR Multi-touch display - wooden frame

Expanding multi-touch community

DIY FTIR Multi-touch display - LED power supply

Summer graduating project in Sweden

DIY FTIR Multi-touch display - hacking the camera

DIY FTIR Multi-touch display - framing the acrylic

DIY FTIR Multi-touch display - treating the acrylic