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Accessibility Options in Lessons Online

In the above video tutorial, NUITEQ's VP of Strategy and Content, Dr. Edward Tse, is presenting accessibility options that work with Lessons Online.

Boost Student Engagement With These Cinco De Mayo Lessons

Cinco de Mayo (or Fifth of May) is an important day in Mexican history, celebrated to commemorate the Mexican Army's victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862. The date has taken on a different significance in the United States, who associate Cinco de Mayo with the...

Hello Myrto: Introducing One Of Our Education Technology Specialists

Teachers have always had a valuable role in society. They play an essential role in the development of students, and they often become their role models. Working closely with parents, they shape the mindset of future generations.

Creative iLab Projects | University Of Calgary, Canada

NUITEQ's VP of Strategy and Content attended the University of Calgary's iLab Demo Day 2019. The above video is a glimpse of the creative projects professors and students, working in the Interactions Laboratory to bring ideas to life, presented at this year's iLab Demo Day.

Showcasing Our EdTech Software at SETT 2019

We joined our UK partner, Clevertouch, at the 2019 edition of SETT, Scandinavia’s largest EdTech exhibition and conference within innovative and modern learning.

How I Use EdTech To Boost Student Engagement

We’ve all been there as teachers, a lesson we think will fill the entire period (42 minutes from bell to bell at my school) somehow enters warp speed and is over within 19 minutes - leaving you with that “oh no, what do I do now to keep 20 vibrating, verge of rioting pre-teens busy… more...

Are You The Next Big Edupreneur? | CUE Insights

NUITEQ’s VP of Strategy and Content, Dr. Edward Tse, joined our US partner, Clear Touch Interactive, at the CUE (Computer-Using Educators) conference in Palm Springs, US. There, he met and interviewed several educators. See what happened, in the above video!

Why Our Partners Love Snowflake

We recently joined our UK partner, Clevertouch, at the SETT 2019 conference in Stockholm, where we showcased our educational software, Snowflake, on the Clevertouch interactive touch screens.

NUITEQ looking to appoint a Strategic Product Manager

UPDATE 15 APRIL 2019 THIS POSITION IS NOW FILLED NUITEQ® is looking to appoint a Strategic Product Manager - position immediately available - at the company's headquarters in Skellefteå, North Sweden. At NUITEQ, we believe in a collaborative world where anyone can participate, exchange, learn and...

Talk Like Shakespeare, Teach Like A 21st-Century Educator

Talk Like Shakespeare Day - ay, you read that right; upon my honour, it’s not a jest - is coming up anon, on 23 April. The date is the birthday of the world-renowned writer and playwright, William Shakespeare, and it celebrates his life and work.

Inspire Students This Earth Day With These Engaging Activities

The World’s largest environmental movement, Earth Day, is coming up on 22 April 2019. From cleaning up our planet, working towards solving the climate change crisis to ending plastic pollution and protecting endangered species, the Earth Day Network is working year round. But once a year, Earth Day...

The Technology That Will Shape The Future Of Your Classroom

Children learn best when they are interested in a subject or when it’s fun. When students think a lesson is fun, the information is more likely to stick in the long term, according to NUITEQ’s Education Technology Specialist, Myrto Pitsava. Snowflake makes learning fun by taking a familiar subject...

Why We Teach | NCTIES 2019

NUITEQ's VP of Strategy and Content, Dr. Edward Tse, joined our US partner, Clear Touch Interactive, for the event North Carolina technology in education society (NCTIES 2019), in Raleigh. He was excited to meet teachers, hear their stories and learn more about their experiences engaging students...

Save Lesson-Planning Time With The Latest Lessons Online Release

Skellefteå, Sweden, 3 April 2019 – NUITEQ®, a collaborative software company that enables teams, organizations, educational institutions, and businesses to add value through smarter human interaction, announced today an update to Lessons Online, its cloud-based Online Learning Suite for the...

What Does Collaboration Have To Do With The Worlds Largest Display?

In the above video, NUITEQ's VP of Strategy and Content, Dr. Edward Tse, discovers the LED-lit Canton Tower from Guangzhou, China and the buildings that make up the largest LED display by area in the world.

NUITEQ Supports Creativity at Ung Företagsamhet (UF)

Creativity and innovation are at NUITEQ's core. Similar to the projects that are highlighted by Ung Företagsamhet (UF), NUITEQ also started as an idea by local students. It was an honor when, last month, UF invited NUITEQ’s Education Technology Specialist, Myrto Pitsava, to judge the different...