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Snowflake Suite's 33rd release in over 5 years, version 3.1 to be released this October - Upgrade cost free

The worlds most advanced multitouch software suite continues to raise the bar to help and engage people to interact with touch screens.

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite made touchless with aerial gestures using Microsoft Kinect

24 Hours with Lenovo IdeaCentre A720

See amongst others Piano and Wong in action in the below video.

Interactive infopoint and wayfinding solution based on the Snowflake Suite multitouch software platform and 3M multitouch display technology for Campus Skellefteå

Award-winning Lenovo A720 All-In-One with Snowflake Suite reviews

Wong in action on the Lenovo A720 (copyright Engadget)

NUITEQ's future office at Campus Skellefteå

Real estate firm Polaris will build a new building on Campus Skellefteå alongside the Skellefteå river.