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5 tips for Making Working Remotely a Breeze

Many companies are recommending their employees work from home. To some, this is a no-brainer and little to no adjustment is needed. For others, this is an unusual and unexpected change and guidance is needed to ensure working remotely goes smoothly and without too many hiccups along the way. 

Whether this new reality is a necessity or done so voluntarily, working remotely has its benefits but may also be tricky to navigate. Here are 5 tips to help you stay motivated and get your work done: 

1. Create a morning routine

Whether a morning meditation, a run or sipping your favorite brew while reading the news, establishing a routine is key. Doing these same tasks daily will help get your mind ready for work and ensure you increase your productivity.

jd-mason-xCPdjitY5sQ-unsplashPhoto by JD Mason on Unsplash

2. Get dressed

This may seem like an unnecessary task especially if you don’t have to meet face-to-face with anyone and you know you won’t be receiving any surprise video calls, but getting dressed helps create a sense of purpose and will help motivate you to stick to a schedule and allow your outer appearance to trick your mind into thinking you’re off to work. By getting dressed, you are leaving your home life and stepping into your work day. It’s the perfect way to ease the transition! 

3. Be sure to schedule breaks (and take them!)

Since you’re the one holding yourself accountable, taking regular breaks is essential to refresh yourself mentally, physically and emotionally and can help you stay motivated. Creating a schedule of both work and non-work tasks is a great way to stay on track, allowing praise to be given once you’ve accomplished something and crossed it off the list, which can be both satisfying and encouraging. Taking breaks allows you to take a step back and refocus-- especially if you’re tackling a challenging task or have an important deadline to meet. Another tip is to leave your home even if that means a quick walk with the pup or a few laps around the block. 

tadeusz-lakota-TnSnLBrJQ6c-unsplashPhoto by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

4. Keep a dedicated home workspace

This tip is an absolute must in encouraging you to be your best self at work. Perhaps you can work from anywhere and don’t get aches and pains or need a standing desk. Putting aside the need to have good posture, establishing more structure via a designated workspace can once again send your brain a message that the space you’re physically in is where you do your work and a space where checking your phone is off limits. If you have a large space and can create this separate workspace in another room, that’s great. Otherwise, tidying up part of your dining room or kitchen is sufficient and is a great way to distinguish between your home life and your office life. If you need a new tool to improve your home office or believe learning how to use a cool new software will help you reach your full potential, be sure to speak up and communicate your needs to your boss. Chances are, your boss will be happy to assist you on your road to success!

5. Be sure to socialize (virtually)

Working remotely doesn’t need to equate isolation or loneliness. Sure, it may seem like you’re flying solo, but remembering to interact with your colleagues and maintain collaboration is important when working remotely. Whether it be giving or receiving feedback, brainstorming on how to best tackle an assignment or simply wanting to give praise to a colleague, opting for a virtual meeting over an email is often more favorable especially if you’re spending most days working independently. NUITEQ Stage is one way to do just that: a lightweight remote working tool that helps facilitate collaboration, making meetings more efficient. 

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Once you’ve mastered your morning routine, showed up to work in your pop-up office space and had your weekly meeting using NUITEQ Stage, be sure to ask for what you need to really set yourself up for success. Your colleagues, boss and friends may not understand the challenges that can come with this new remote reality, so do yourself a favor and over-communicate.

Here’s a bonus tip: consider making your schedule visible to your colleagues (and be sure to include personal commitments too!). This is a great stride toward transparency and this way, they’ll have a better understanding of what to expect and when they can schedule their next call with you. Establishing boundaries with both colleagues and friends is an easy way to help everyone involved and to make what’s on your plate a little easier to carry!

Looking to use technology to work collaboratively without compromising efficiency? Try NUITEQ Stage, our lightweight remote working tool that improves cooperation with peers and makes meetings more efficient!

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