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NEW Certified NUITEQ Snowflake Trainer Program Launched

If last year taught us anything, it's this: at any point in time, classes may need to move from the classroom to the living room and back again. That's exactly why so many educators are looking for robust learning tools that help them become resilient against future disruptions. The problem is that many educational technologies don't connect features to the pedagogy that motivates, engages, and provides a clear roadmap to improve. The result has been growing absenteeism, anxiety, and inequity.

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Become a Certified NUITEQ Snowflake Trainer

We can start by reflecting on what we've learned along the way over the past year.

  1. Active Learning - Educators have had to adapt teaching to avoid bored students during online lectures. Regularly asking for responses, typing a comment, or doing shared activities helps physical activity, and brain breaks help focus.
  2. Creative Homework - With less teacher-directed time, there has been a renewed focus on engaging using homework. Many parents have heard loud and clear that their child does not like practice worksheets, so creative and expressive homework presents practical ways to motivate learning at home.
  3. Equity and Access - Areas without broadband Internet access and devices have found that radio and television broadcasts have been able to reach more families. Yet, there is still a need for active learning. What would happen if our most impoverished students found themselves behind everyone else in the class during fall? Would they give up and drop out of school? There are growing discussions around changing the school year and providing additional support for students who are behind.
  4. Mental Health - In school, the teacher can provide a safe environment for learning. At home, the learning environment is mainly dependent on the family situation. For this reason, it is essential to consider mental health as a foundation before learning can take place.

Many educators have had an uncomfortable time transitioning from experts in pedagogy to learners of remote learning technology. This is precisely why we created the Certified NUITEQ Snowflake Trainer program that provides practical ways to connect educational best practices to a technology solution that supports your lesson plans and curriculum standards.


The Certified NUITEQ Snowflake Trainer program is created for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable about the tools at their disposal or wants to train their colleagues to use NUITEQ Snowflake effectively. Want to know more? Click the sign-up button below!

Become a Certified NUITEQ Snowflake Trainer


Many professionals in the Audio Video industry are familiar with Infocomm and their recent rebranding to AVIXA. We are proud to say that the Certified NUITEQ Snowflake Trainer program also serves as credits towards the AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist credential. AVIXA CTS professionals proudly include their verified badges on their LinkedIn profiles and email footers and become part of a list of AV professionals in your area. This is a powerful way to advance your career in the AV industry.

Become a Certified NUITEQ Snowflake Trainer