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Changing the Education Mindset

Along with its UK partner, Clevertouch, NUITEQ's VP of Strategy and Content, Dr. Edward Tse, attended BETT 2020 to talk with the co-founder of the event, Dominic Savage OBE, about how teachers are focusing their efforts on changing the education mindset and working toward improving student engagement by implementing educational technology (EdTech) tools in their curricula.

With more and more jobs being lost to automation, there is a greater need for change among teachers to help prepare students for future jobs. Implementing EdTech tools in classrooms to encourage a more student-centric approach is becoming a focus in schools around the world. Finding a way to foster creativity is important and the use of EdTech tools in classrooms is a way to measure student engagement and have more visibility on how well students are performing.

To learn more about how EdTech tools such as NUITEQ Snowflake support the current shift happening in schools and to learn more about how teachers are helping students develop the skills needed for future jobs, watch the video above.

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