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Videos of our NUI Framework software package

I uploaded a couple of low quality video's of the NUI Framework we have been developing in c++, displayed on our improved sensitive, no hard pressure multi-touch table. As a matter of fact, I can generate input on it by blowing from a short distance. BTW we didn't sand or polish the edges of the...

~logo on chassis

Diffused illumination setup

Together with colleagues Peter Bomark, Dr. Johannes Hirche and Tim Roth (website) we have been working on a Diffused Illumination setup. We use 4 illuminators, frostened lee filter on the inside of the box, a 3m 700 DMS projector, lee filter as a diffuser and an unibrain cam.

protective films that don't work

I ordered a couple of samples of protective film to see if they were suitable for our multi-touch installation. You could imagine, if you heavily use multi-touch that the projection screen gets damaged, because it's a fragile material in most cases. The criteria where that the material had to be...

~ logo test spray

Yesterday we made a first test spray of the ~ logo.

~group promo video / flash multi-touch app video / update

Check below the promo video of ~group (NUI Group), that co-researcher Chris Moore made in Adobe Aftereffects.

Sick short throw projector arrived

Today we received our new baby, the 3M 700 DMS short throw projector, which we will be testing this week.

Jeff Han talks about Multi-Touch at Nextfest 07

Jeff Han talks about multi-touch at Nextfest 07. Also briefly flamed Iphone. I love how this video at the end shows how intuitive multi-touch is. (See this about 3 year old kit using the multi-touch wall)

~tv beta online

It's already been a while since ~tv beta is online. Check it out at THE community related to multi-touch NUI Group: http://www.nuigroup.com/

Ordered illuminators for DI

I just ordered a bunch of 880 nm IR illuminators from Kingbright, to test next week for DI (Diffused Illumination).

New chassis for ~box

We have been working on a new design of our chassis.

NUI Group member coming to Sweden to help on research

One of the members of our NUI Group Tim Roth, from Switzerland is coming to Sweden from the 18th till the 23th of September to work with us on multi-touch research and development. Tim has proven to be a great passionate person involved into this field.

Apple releases Ipod Touch

Apple announced the release of the Ipod Touch. This new version of the Ipod supports videos, photos, music and websites in 8GB and 16GB models starting at 299 USD.

Laptop without physical keyboard

When I started getting into multi-touch I had this idea that it would be cool to have some kind of laptop with 2 touch surfaces, so basically with no physical keyboard at all. Even though the concept might be fun and interesting for some applications, it would be one hell of a task to write a...

OpenTouch presentation at Google by Pawel Solyga

My friend, co researcher and also co-founder of the NUI Group Pawel "Solydzajs" Solyga presented his OpenTouch concept at Google in Mountview USA for the Google Summer of Code 2007.