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Multitouch software Snowflake 4.4 with full Dropbox integration released

NUITEQ® signs Snowflake distribution agreement for Thailand and India

Turkish edition of multitouch software Snowflake, by TOUCH Furniture

NUITEQ's Turkish partner TOUCH Furniture, created the below video of the Turkish version of multitouch software Snowflake.

Multitouch software Snowflake in public spaces

Award-winning multitouch software Snowflake is used by customers in 70+ countries in a wide variety of markets.

Multitouch software Snowflake 4.3.1 update released

Yesterday we released multitouch software Snowflake 4.3.1.

Hackday project speech recognition with multitouch software Snowflake

4 years ago Senior Software Engineer Sharath Patali, added speech recognition to a multitouch interface, which can be seen in the below video.