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Try Recess games

Boost Engagement and Focus with NUITEQ Snowflake's Recess Games

Students’ attention spans have been getting shorter, not least after the Covid-19 pandemic and due to the advent of social media. In an effort to tackle this issue, teachers have been adjusting their pedagogical methods. One such adjustment has been to break instruction into shorter chunks, with each chunk lasting no more than 10 minutes. 

This accommodation may be a great way to address the problem of decreasing concentration, but it also creates a fast-tempo environment which can put a lot of pressure on both teachers and students. In those cases, it can be helpful to allow students a short break: a chance for them to rest their minds and refocus their attention. 

NUITEQ Snowflake, our award-winning teaching and learning platform, transforms modern instruction by following developments in the school world closely and addressing the challenges teachers face daily. With our latest addition Recess, available for teachers on a Professional or Premiere plan, educators can activate students whose attention is drifting and prepare them for the next learning chunk. 

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Recess offers a selection of 10 engaging games that are ideal as an academic break. Choose from games like Untangle, Memory, Taps and Jigsaw to re-energize your students, or give their thinking minds a break with Airhockey or Curling. 

Recess main screen

Divide your panel into two zones and your students into teams, and have the teams compete against each other in a friendly game of Aliens. Foster collaboration and cultivate their concentration skills through a game of Bugs. 

Recess in 2 Zones

The possibilities with Recess are endless! Try it today to make your teaching sessions more dynamic and engaging. Sign up for a Professional or Premiere plan to access this fantastic feature and transform your classroom experience.

Try Recess games