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Arcstream AV engages into OEM Partnership with Natural User Interface

UK based Arcstream AV, an exhibition and event company, engages into OEM Partnership with Natural User Interface to integrate NUI Suite Snowflake in their multi-touch hardware solutions.

Natural User Interface gives away free Ipod touch

NUI Suite Snowflake running on another interactive multi-touch surface wall in UK

Below a video shot by DB Systems from UK, demonstrating NUI Suite Snowflake running on their interactive multitouch surface wall.

Multitouch.nl second anniversary

Image: Hands on, on the NUI Horizon with NUI Suite Snowflake multitouch software solution

NUI Suite Snowflake compatible with HP TouchSmart multi-touch

NUI developed the compatibility of NUI Suite Snowflake for HP's TouchSmart multi-touch computing system, running on a NextWindow integrated touchscreen overlay, operating under Windows Vista.

First week of Twitter highlights

I decided about a week ago to start a Twitter account to dump short messages on that are too short to dedicate separate blogposts to. These messages are not related to myself as an individual, but they are related to the activities of Natural User Interface (www.natural-ui.com) their operations,...

NUI Suite Snowflake multi-touch software product demonstrated on multi-touch wall surface in UK

NUI Suite Snowflake multi-touch software was demonstrated in the UK at the Event Show on an interactive multi-touch wall surface by Arcstream AV on January 21 and 22, 2009.

Bill Gates likes the idea of Natural User Interface (NUI) for software

A while ago I ran into this article at Techworld where they reported about an interview with Billl Gates where he mentions that he likes the the idea of Natural User Interface (NUI) for software.

Multi-touch workshop by Natural User Interface

In November 2008, Natural User Interface was involved in setting up a workshop related to multi-touch technology together with several companies in Sweden and educational partner K3 Malmo university.

Natural User Interface on Twitter

I added our company Natural User Interface Europe AB to Twitter as I might sporadically drop some messages there that I don't want to dedicate a blog post to, inspired by a post on the blog of entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki.

NUI showcasing multi-touch technology in Asia in partnership with Raffles Education

Natural User Interface (NUI) showcased the Horizon and NUI Suite Snowflake, last December 2008, in Singapore in partnership with Raffles Education, the largest private education group in Asia.

Happy NUI Year

I hope everybody had a great time with family and friends during Christmas. I want to wish everybody who has been visiting my blog a Happy NUI Year in 2009, a lot of success, health and prosperity. Special thanks goes out to the NUI Group community, for the passionate people who continue to join...