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Collaborative multitouch touchscreen software for boardrooms

Collaboration software for corporate board rooms Snowflake Business 4.8 version released

Porsche uses multitouch software Snowflake in their daily sales operations

Porsche, the automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans approached NUITEQ's Russian partner SupremeTouch, with a problem they wanted to have solved.

Participating in a Silicon Valley Tech incubator - my bucket list item - checked!

While I'm starting to write this blogpost from my hotel room in Palo Alto, I hear two people walking down the hallway both saying to each other "And it is over now". Ain't that fitting for this blogpost? Why? Because my four week journey to Silicon Valley as part of the TINC (Tech Incubator)...

Touchscreen software video tutorial - Snowflake MultiTeach - Lessons - Spinner

Just another day at the office in Silicon Valley - Week 3 of 4

Its already been three weeks since I arrived here in Silicon Valley. Time is flying by, as it is an amazing experience to be part of the Tech Incubator (TINC) program. We're learning something new every day and every day is exciting. I have about a week left here in Palo Alto, before heading back...

Some insights into living in Palo Alto - Silicon Valley

I wanted to create another blog post, this time not about what workshops I attended and what food I ate or where I traveled, but rather share some more insight into what I've learned and experienced in the last two weeks of staying in Silicon Valley.

The life of an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley

This is the third post, in which I cover our four week educational and some might claim culinary trip, to Silicon Valley.