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Encourage Students to Take Action this Earth Day

Celebrated annually around the world on April 22nd, Earth Day is a way for everyone to come together in an effort to offer a unified response to the environmental challenges that are currently affecting our planet. April 22, 2020 will mark 50 years of Earth Day. 

This year’s theme is climate action-- an attempt to draw attention to oil spills, pollution and global warming contributing to the deterioration of our planet. 

The first Earth Day - which took place on April 22, 1970 - is said to have inspired an environmental movement recognized as society’s largest civic event and paved the way for others to join in and advocate for environmental protection.

In 1970, twenty million Americans took the streets on Earth Day to advocate that lawmakers take action to protect our planet in favor of environmental reform. That very first protest led to a wave of action including the passage of landmark environmental laws in the U.S. As a result of this protest, the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts were created, as was the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Fifty years later, the annual event is celebrated in more than 193 countries.

No matter your location, NUITEQ’s Global Content Department has created ready-made Snowflake lesson activities that you can send to your students in a distance learning setting, engage them and inspire active learning this Earth Day:

Earth_Day_Lesson_Activity Climate_Change_Spinner_Activity

Earth_Day_Scramble_Lesson_Activity Recycling_Lesson_Activity

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