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New NUITEQ Snowflake release

Skellefteå, Sweden, 31 May 2022 – NUITEQ®, a collaborative software company that enables educational institutions to add value through smarter human interaction, announced today a new release of NUITEQ Snowflake (the desktop version) and Snowflake.live (the online version). NUITEQ Snowflake is a teaching and learning platform that allows teachers to transform education and provide students with the tools they need to be able to learn anytime, anywhere.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Completely rewritten the lesson activities synchronization, from the ground up,  between Snowflake.live and the NUITEQ Snowflake Lesson activities app

Synchronization between the NUITEQ Snowflake Lessons activities app for the desktop and Snowflake.live is now faster and smoother than ever. Lesson activities played from the Community are seamlessly copied to “My lesson activities” under the “Snowflake.live” tab. Teachers can also choose to download the activities for offline use by tapping the three dots at the bottom of the lesson activity thumbnail, and then selecting “Download”. These activities can then be found under the “Downloaded” tab in “My lesson activities”.


  • Improved support for audio

We have now improved our support for the audio that can be added to content in the NUITEQ Snowflake Lesson Activities app. Adding audio to lesson activities helps make content more accessible to students and follows the Universal Design for Learning’s guidelines.

  • Faster user experience (UX)

Users visiting Snowflake.live in the US will now have an even faster UX, as Snowflake.live is now running all its data from servers in the US for these users, whereas previously only a part of the data was coming from US servers.

  • Improved user interface (UI)

We improved Snowflake.live’s UI by making the filter drop-down menus wider and by fixing an issue that caused the selected language to not display correctly after signing in.

  • Improved UX

We also improved the UX on the Snowflake.live explore page by making the countries and language selection drop-down menus have fewer and more relevant options.

  • Bug fixes

In addition to the improvements to the performance of the NUITEQ Snowflake Lesson Activities app, we have also fixed a number of small bugs. Among others:

- Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the launcher menu to not load icons
- Fixed an issue with a menu icon in the applications folder on MacOS
Fix related to Microsoft Single Sign On (SSO)

Try the latest release of NUITEQ Snowflake by using the standards-aligned lesson activities that our dedicated content team has created. These lesson activities come with complete lesson plans and other fun, educational resources, which you can use in your classroom today.

Beginning letter sounds:

Add and subtract using the standard algorithm:

Erosion by water: how to stop it :

Curious about what we have to offer when it comes to Math lessons? Read more here: NUITEQ Snowflake adds Accessible Standards Aligned K-6 Math Lessons

We strongly believe the latest improvements in NUITEQ Snowflake will make it even easier for teachers to activate and engage their students.

You can check the history of all the NUITEQ Snowflake release notes here. For more information, check out our Support Page.

Do you feel like something is missing? Any feature you'd like to see in a future release? Let us know by getting in touch with us today.


NUITEQ is a collaborative software company that enables educational institutions to add value through smarter human interaction.

Designed to support hybrid, remote and in class learning, digitalization and productivity, Snowflake, NUITEQ’s educational software solution enables educators to enhance interactive learning. It helps reduce lesson planning time, offers the tools needed for personalized learning, and provides a safe environment for authentic feedback in a collaborative setting.

Snowflake empowers digital natives’ expressive learning through memorable digital storytelling.

Customers in over 70 countries have chosen the award-winning NUITEQ Snowflake software.

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