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NUITEQ's Team: Meet Jimmy Antonsson

The success of our company relies on the strengths of our employees. At NUITEQ, we take pride in combining our Swedish heritage with the influences of diverse cultures and backgrounds to create a unique collaboration environment.

We want to showcase our amazing team members, and this time, we'd like to introduce you to our Product Manager, Jimmy Antonsson.


Hi, Jimmy, please tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Skellefteå, I left my home city to play professional football in the south of Sweden. After a couple of years near the tipping point of making a living wage playing football, I decided to take a sabbatical year to study business in Spain. I spent a year mixing tapas, volunteering at big sports events, and studying. My curiosity led me to continue my studies abroad in Costa Rica.

I'm passionate about learning culture, language, and volunteering. My passions led me to join a social enterprise focused on diversity and inclusion. The pandemic provided opportunities for me to serve businesses through digital transformation. I've trained many companies including Microsoft, Volvo, Nobina, and Sigma. When I spoke with the staff at NUITEQ, I fell in love with the work they were doing.

What can you tell us about your role in the company? 

As a Product Manager for the NUITEQ Stage collaboration solution, I am making sure that we solve the deepest pains our customers have. My approach is user-centric and involves talking to many customers to learn their reality. I love our bi-weekly usability tests. We invite people who have never used our software. I love, listening to their feedback and seeing their first impressions. 

What motivates you to succeed in your role?

It all comes down to people. I am motivated by a remarkable team and top talents. I'm inspired by how effectively the team collaborates remotely. I love the challenge of prioritizing and solving new problems. I am inspired when I'm working on new ideas. It's rewarding to see the progress we have made so far. 


How do you occupy your free time? What are your passions?

I'm passionate about the intersection of psychology and economics (behavioural science). When I was a research assistant in Costa Rica, I did an experiment on cheating. I love studying, reading, and joining conferences and sharing what I know through training. I am currently reading Noise by Dr. Daniel Kahneman and How to Change by Katy Milkman. My wife and three beautiful kids spend time together watching European football and the Champions League.

Jimmy Antonsson Product Manager NUITEQ

What's your favorite travel destination?

I love the mentality of the people in the South of Spain. They love food and football as much as I do! I want to go to South America to visit some friends I made in Costa Rica.

What's your favorite food?

I like everything from palt to burgers. Palt is a traditional meat-filled potato dumpling that is famous in the North of Sweden. I promise this greyish ball tastes better than it looks. Palt is delicious with butter and lingonberry jam!

We're always looking for talented people to join our team. If you want to be part of a creative and innovative group of people in a fun and rewarding environment, don't hesitate to contact us by clicking the button below:

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