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Graduated as a Bachelor of Multimedia

Today I held my final thesis presentation, about my multi-touch graduation project in Sweden, at the NHL facility in Leeuwarden (Holland). During my graduation project my focus was project management and interaction design.

TouchAPI + TouchLib / OpenTouch

Chris Moore one of the co-founders of the NUI Group, released a video of his TouchAPI in Flash + Touchlib.

Microsoft Surface at Siggraph 2007, San Diego, CA

Microsoft Surface at Siggraph 2007, San Diego, CA, USA.

Control your TV with hand gestures

While researching gestures, I came across the following. Even though certain gestures for specific actions don’t make a lot of sense to me at all, it’s nice to see we get a step closer to a more natural ubiquitous computing environment. They state that a user can learn the gestures in 5 minutes. I...

Apple patents multi-touch gesture dictionary

Yesterday I came across several websites posting about an Apple patent regarding a multi-touch gesture dictionary.