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NUITEQ Snowflake’s latest educational videos are here!

Hello, fellow educators! We hope this blog post finds you well after a refreshing summer break! NUITEQ is excited to share some fantastic news. We are thrilled to announce that our team has been working hard during the summer months, continuing their efforts to create a series of captivating educational videos, to help you explore the realms of science, English, and mathematics. What's more, these videos are thoughtfully connected to educational standards, such as the US Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and the UK National Curriculum. Not only are the videos available on YouTube, but also as part of complete lesson plans accompanied by fun lesson activities and supplemental materials, all accessible through the innovative NUITEQ Snowflake platform. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready to transform your instruction!


The wonders of the natural world have always fascinated us, and our renewed focus on science aims to inspire you with its boundless possibilities. Through NUITEQ Snowflake and the lesson plans we have created, we have combined our educational videos with exciting lesson activities that bring scientific concepts to life. Dive into virtual labs through our integrated PhET simulations, and explore the lesson plans we provide for hands-on experiments that enhance your students’ understanding and encourage exploration. Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, our science videos on the NUITEQ Snowflake platform ensure a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for all students. Here are some of the latest science videos we created for you:

Everyday Materials

The Cells of Living Things


Effective communication and reading comprehension are a superpower, and our ELA video series, together with the engaging educational activities on NUITEQ Snowflake, are designed to help your students master essential skills. By leveraging the power of the NUITEQ Snowflake platform, we provide complete lesson plans and a seamless connection between our educational videos and interactive language activities. Practice reading comprehension, improve grammar, and develop writing skills through interactive exercises that make perfecting students' English literacy both fun and effective. With NUITEQ Snowflake, our ELA videos become an immersive and engaging learning experience, aligned with, among others, the Common Core State Standards. Have a look at some of the latest ELA videos we just released:

 Vocabulary acquisition and use: Unknown words 

Adapting speech



Mathematics is often regarded as a daunting subject for students. But fear not! Our mathematics videos, integrated with NUITEQ Snowflake, make learning math an enjoyable adventure. Through the NUITEQ Snowflake platform, we offer complete lesson plans including engaging activities that complement our videos, reinforcing mathematical concepts and fostering problem-solving skills. Your students will be able to solve problems, tackle interactive quizzes, and collaborate to figure out virtual math challenges that strengthen their mathematical abilities. With the seamless integration of our educational videos and lesson activities on NUITEQ Snowflake, we ensure an enriching math learning experience aligned with educational standards that will transform your teaching practices. Below you can find two of the mathematics videos we recently released:

 Solving systems of equations

Equations and inequalities unpacked 

Education is a lifelong pursuit, and we believe that learning should be accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding for all. With our refreshed focus on science, English, and mathematics, we're excited to provide a diverse range of educational videos that cater to your students’ natural curiosity. And with the integration of these videos into the NUITEQ Snowflake platform, we take the learning experience to new heights, connecting them to educational standards and providing fun activities that enhance deeper understanding and engagement.

So, join us on this thrilling educational adventure as we explore the realms of science, dive into the depths of the English language, and unlock the magic of mathematics. Get ready to activate your students' engagement, expand their horizons, and embark on a learning journey like no other, powered by NUITEQ Snowflake. Stay tuned for our upcoming videos, rediscover our existing ones, and let's embrace the joy of learning together!


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