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Discover the Puzzles and Creative apps in Snowflake MultiTeach®

Snowflake MultiTeach® ships with over thirty collaborative educational apps designed for use on touch screen displays. This post, along with the accompanying “how-two” video, provides an overview that will get you and your students up and running with the apps found in the Puzzles and Creative...

5 benefits of multimedia learning

“Multimedia is characterized by the presence of text, pictures, sound, animation and video; some or all of which are organized into some coherent program” (Phillips, 1997).

(Video) Discover the Browser app in Snowflake MultiTeach®

The Browser app is one of 30+ apps inside the Snowflake MultiTeach® educational touchscreen software. The app is also available in the Snowflake Business software suite.

New multitouch collaborative software Snowflake 5.0.1 released

Skellefteå, Sweden/Palo Alto, USA – November 15th 2016 - NUITEQ®, a world leader in collaborative touchscreen software solutions, announced today the launch of version 5.0.1 of its software suites: Snowflake MultiTeach®, Snowflake Business and Snowflake Entertainment.

Snowflake Entertainment and MultiTeach® gameplay on Think Touch tables

Multi-touch software Snowflake Entertainment is a world of fun at your fingertips. It is an ideal tool to use in public spaces, such as kids corners, to keep children entertained for example when their parents are shopping.

A quick chat with one of NUITEQ's Senior Software Engineers

At NUITEQ® we pride ourselves on the fact that we have a diverse group of employees. Our offices are spread all over the world: from the Northern Swedish city of Skellefteå, where we have our HQ, over the ocean to North Carolina and Palo Alto, to the South, in Sao Paulo in Brazil and to the East in...

(Video) Discover the collaborative Media app in Snowflake MultiTeach®

The Media app is one of the apps inside the Snowflake MultiTeach® educational touchscreen software. The above video demonstrates how digital content can be imported, organized, accessed, and presented within the Media App.

(Video) Discover the Seats lesson type in Snowflake MultiTeach®

The Seats lesson type is one of the 15 lesson types inside the Lessons app in the educational touchscreen software Snowflake MultiTeach®.