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NUITEQ Snowflake adds K-12 Common Core Lesson Plans

NUITEQ is happy to announce that we have recently published new content into the Snowflake community. We will be continually publishing content as we move toward our goal of providing a Snowflake Activity, a complete Lesson Plan with scaffolding and acceleration tips, and ideas for small and large group instruction for every K-12 Common Core learning standard for Language Arts, Math and Science!

This week we completed the publication Common Core standards aligned curriculum for grade 6, grade 7, and grade 8 mathematics. This means that for every math standard for middle school there is a video that teaches the concept, a lesson plan for the teacher, and a Snowflake activity to reinforce the learning objective. We are thrilled to know we are providing quality content that helps students meet their learning goals - while saving teachers time!

Before this week's middle school publication, we had previously published kindergarten Science, first grade and fifth grade math. Again, each standard is covered and provides teachers with lesson plans and Snowflake activities to reinforce the concepts.

The one feature that Snowflake has that is solving a lot of problems for teachers right now is the ability to differentiate instruction. Teachers can create different lesson activities to help students reinforce concepts that were studied throughout the year. Snowflake has also helped teachers that work remotely so that they can work with students on their individualized level. Without Snowflake, our students would not be receiving as great of an education as they are now.

Michelle Burke Circle

  Michelle Burke

  Technology Coordinator &
  Instructional Technology Specialist
  Madrid-Waddington School District (USA)

During the pandemic NUITEQ wanted to provide teachers with content they could use in their remote teaching environments. So, we created the the NUITEQ Snowflake Content Channel which we inaugurated a little over a year ago. We are thrilled that since that offering we have had over 89,000 views of our videos. Over 3,000 hours of instruction, viewed in 52 countries, and captioned in 13 languages!

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