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NUITEQ launches a strategic partnership with Tele2 for the public sector

NUITEQ is launching an exciting strategic partnership with Tele2, which takes the form of Tele2 Collaborate, an innovative and comprehensive communication solution tailored to the public sector. Tele2 Collaborate integrates various functions such as chat, video conferencing, whiteboard, and document sharing, all under one roof. What makes this solution unique is its ability to enable collaboration without worrying about sensitive data leaving Sweden. NUITEQ's contribution to Tele2 Collaborate is based on NUITEQ Stage, a whiteboard for modern meetings.

This solution is the result of a collaboration with several key public sector organizations, such as the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration, who have jointly worked on the Digital Collaboration Platform for the Public Sector (dSam) project.

One of the most prominent benefits of Tele2 Collaborate is that all data management and storage is done in Sweden by a Swedish provider, providing digital sovereignty and long-term information assurance. This is particularly important for meeting legal, financial and other regulatory obligations.

Tele2 Collaborate is offered both as a cloud service and as a solution for installation in the customer's own IT environment. In addition, Tele2's staff offers responsibility for the functionality, reliability and development of the service.

The growing demand for superior and secure communications is highlighted in a global study, The Future of Secure Communications, conducted by Forrester Consulting. The study points to the need for end-to-end encryption, digital sovereignty and federation with other organizations. Especially in countries with a strong work-from-home culture, such as Sweden, there are challenges related to shadow IT.

This venture by NUITEQ and Tele2 enables secure and efficient digital meetings for the public sector, with features such as Tele2 Video to participate from different devices and NUITEQ's digital whiteboard to promote interactivity and engagement in meetings.

By offering a managed hosting service and integration with the customer's IT environment, this partnership aims to meet the needs of Sweden's public sector with a focus on digital sovereignty and open standards. NUITEQ's commitment to creating secure digital tools for modern meetings complements Tele2's initiative and marks an important milestone in fostering smarter human interaction and collaboration without borders.