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NUITEQ Snowflake adds Accessible Standards Aligned K-6 Math Lessons Content

It is with great pleasure that NUITEQ announces the publication of NUITEQ Snowflake Math Lessons that cover Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. This builds on top of our efforts to Common Core standards-aligned lessons for grades 6,7,8 Science and English.  Teachers now have hundreds of standards-aligned K-6 Math lessons that supplement their instruction! The NUITEQ Snowflake Community now features at least one complete lesson for every math standard from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade.

NUITEQ Snowflake lessons include a complete lesson plan, recommendations for differentiation, and most standards include instructional videos, and of course an engaging game-based activity that reinforces the concepts. Our content is built to engage students and include them in an active learning process.

This engaging content is available on Snowflake.live. You will find high-quality lessons such as this math lesson.

Every NUITEQ Snowflake lesson is built on the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Incorporating UDL guarantees that our content is accessible to all students! We use Multiple Means of Representation (text, video, audio and graphics) and provide Multiple Means of Engagement through the development of engaging materials and allowing students choice in how to access this content.

Lesson Plan ExampleAn example of a NUITEQ Snowflake Lesson Plan

NUITEQ Snowflake provides a student portal that supports Multiple Means of Action and Expression. Utilizing our 16 game-based templates, we strive to “Move Students from Consumers of Content to Creators of Content”. Students are encouraged to demonstrate mastery of concepts through creating interactive game-based activities. Again, supporting student choice, they are able to build activities that incorporate video, graphics, audio and text.

This is the best program that has been introduced to our district in the 28 years that I have been here!


  Dr Linda Kennedy-Murray

  Special Education Teacher
  Gainesville City Public Schools
  Georgia (USA)

We are proud to continue to work as your partner in moving students forward through engaging and active learning!

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