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Welcome the NEXT Bar: A Future-Forward Upgrade

The NEXT: An all-new video bar with a built-in OS & intuitive interface; providing a sustainable & budget-friendly upgrade for older interactive panels.

Skellefteå, Sweden / Greenville, SC, January 24, 2024 The NUITEQ NEXT Bar is an innovative, eco-friendly solution that upgrades older interactive panels, minimizing e-waste and reducing the carbon footprint. With a simple plug-and-play experience, it extends the lifespan of outdated panels, saving you money and cutting down on e-waste. From personal profiles for educators to immersive learning environments for students, NEXT tailors education and instruction to meet your needs. The NEXT Bar is your sustainable choice for a seamless and eco-conscious upgrade.

Key Features of the NEXT Bar

Extend Panel Life: NEXT uses the hardware of existing interactive panels and provides a seamless OS upgrade with an intuitive interface. It's an effortless plug-and-play solution, empowering your panel with the latest features and specs. Keep your interactive panel relevant for years to come!

EDLA Certification: As the FIRST video bar with native EDLA certification, NEXT grants you seamless access to Google Classroom, Meet, and Drive – and more! This not only enhances your user experience but also ensures top-notch security.

Comprehensive Software Suite: With Chorus, Collage, and Command already installed, you can wirelessly cast, utilize integrated whiteboard functions, and effortlessly manage the panel. Powered by Android 13 and an upgraded chipset, the interactive experience is made even more user-friendly.

Strategic Sustainability: By choosing NEXT, you're not only thinking ahead but also actively participating in reducing electronic waste. Opt for a solution that aligns with your forward-thinking values and embrace a greener future.

Enhanced Audio and Visual Performance: NEXT comes equipped with a 4K 120º wide-angle camera for a seamless conferencing experience. The 2×10W dual-channel high-power speakers ensure top-notch audio output quality that perfectly complements the NEXT Collar Microphone Kit. The NEXT offers exceptional voice capture capabilities with noise reduction, echo cancellation, reverberation resistance, and built-in AGC algorithm. Not to mention, its built-in 6-array microphone with a 32kHz sampling rate provides an impressive pickup range of up to 8 meters.

The NEXT Bar is a game-changing solution designed specifically for the education sector. Whether you're a teacher, administrator, or IT professional, this innovative product is perfect for upgrading your current interactive panel. With the NEXT Bar, you'll be able to enhance performance and meet the demands of today's digital world and education technology standards. From empowering educators with seamless teaching opportunities to creating captivating experiences for students, the NEXT Bar does it all. Say goodbye to the hassle of breaking the bank or disposing of your current equipment – the NEXT Bar has got you covered.

NEXT is more than just a product; it's a statement. It's a commitment to sustainability, saving money, and creating a vibrant learning environment for the future.



NUITEQ is a Swedish collaborative software company that enables people, teams, educational institutions, businesses, and government organizations to add value through smarter human interaction. 
With easy-to-use collaboration tools, NUITEQ's award-winning software solution is used by customers in over 70 countries. 
For more information, visit: nuiteq.com.

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