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Hybrid Learning just got easier with NUITEQ Snowflake’s Latest Release

Skellefteå, Sweden, October 12, 2021 – NUITEQ®, a collaborative software company that enables educational institutions to add value through smarter human interaction, announced today a new release of the online version of NUITEQ Snowflake, the in-class, hybrid and remote education solution that allows teachers to transform education and provides students with the platform they need to be able to learn anytime, anywhere.

Here’s what’s new…

Organized lesson activity lists for students

We are excited to share that students can now find and review specific lesson activities much more easily under the heading “My Classes”. The activities are now organised by the class that the lesson activity was sent to, and also categorised by “Open” and “Completed”.

This allows students to have a clearer view of the activities that they have received and can see at a glance which activities they still need to complete. The simpler structure will provide students with a better understanding of what they are expected to achieve in each of their classes.

Clearer scores and teacher expectations

Another important feature we have added is the ability for students to get an overview of their scores and performance in relation to the expectations set by their teacher. They will be able to see how many of their completed assessments meet teacher expectations, how many exceed them as well as how many don’t meet those expectations.

Teachers can set the expectations for each specific activity by defining the minimum amount of correct answers students need to give to meet the expectations, as well as the amount of correct answers students need to give to exceed expectations. This gives teachers and students the opportunity to see what progress students are making and identify potential areas where they need to be supported in order to make sure they achieve their academic goals.

Student preview of materials and standards for each lesson activity

To provide students with even more clarity in regards to the academic expectations placed on them, we have now made it possible for them to preview any materials that are included in the lesson activity, such as PDF, web links etc. Students are even able to see which curriculum standards the activity is aligned with, which will further their understanding of the purpose of the activity and what they are expected to learn.

Students comments for teacher feedback

Teachers previously had the ability to provide feedback to students on assessment activities that the students have completed and submitted. This feedback can be given by text, video or audio. Now, students can also reply to this feedback by leaving comments for the teacher. Teachers are then notified that the student has left a comment.

This feature is invaluable, especially in hybrid and remote learning settings where a face to face dialog between teachers and students isn’t always possible. By having the ability to leave a comment, students can ask for clarification, explain why they answered a certain way or simply confirm that they understood their teacher’s feedback. This dialog between student and teacher is essential in formative assessment.

One of the hardest parts of our job as grade 6-8 teachers is to find lesson plans that can immediately differentiate with our kids. With NUITEQ Snowflake, we solved this problem!

  Katie Budinger
  Science Teacher 

  Bridge School, Massachusetts (USA)

We believe the new features in NUITEQ Snowflake will further help teachers with engaging students, whether they’re attending classes from home or the classroom.

You can see the history of all the NUITEQ Snowflake release notes here. For more information, check out our Support PageContact us, if you're interested in professional development training.

Try a free trial of the browser based version of NUITEQ Snowflake via the link below: 

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NUITEQ® is a collaborative software company that enables educational institutions to add value through smarter human interaction. Designed to support distance learning, digitalization and productivity, NUITEQ Snowflake, the company’s educational software solution enables educators to enhance interactive learning. It helps reduce lesson planning time, offers the tools needed for personalized learning, and provides a safe environment for authentic feedback in a collaborative setting.

The award-winning software solution is used by customers in over 70 countries.

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