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NUI nominated for evolution capacity at Laval Virtual

NUI, in partnership with byVolta nominated for evolution capacity at Laval Virtual.

La Réalité Virtuelle passe à table

French Nouvelobs publishes regarding byVolta and NUI's presence at Laval Virtual.

7 NUI Group students in Google Summer of Code 2008

I am proud and happy that 7 students of the NUI Group community have been selected for Google Summer of Code 2008.

French national television broadcast on multitouch solutions

NUI and NUI's partner byVOLTA were featured on a broadcast on French television, regarding providing multitouch solutions, after displaying the multitouch table at the events Popai and Laval Virtual in France.

Natural User Interface at Laval Virtual

Last week, byVolta, represented Natural User Interface at Laval Virtual / Virtual Reality International Exhibition/ http://www.laval-virtual.org in France.

Temporary website Natural User Interface online

The temporary website for Natural User Interface is now online at http://www.naturalui.com It will be replaced in the upcoming two months.

NUI at Dreamhack Skellefteå

After having demonstrated the NUI-Box at Dreamhack Linköping (with more then 10.000 visitors the worlds biggest LAN party event), a couple of months ago, we were invited as well to Dreamhack's Skellefteå, whereas we displayed one of our multitouch multi user NUI-Box concepts, to the public.

Joining the Microsoft Surface team (1st of April joke)

Update: To remove all confusion, the below message, was a first of April joke