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Your Privacy And Security Are Our Priority

At NUITEQ, we believe that every person interacting in any way with us and our products must feel confident about how we manage personal information and how we secure your data.

We’re transparent about the data we collect, how we use it and who we share it with. In addition, we’ve put in place several measures through which your privacy and security are prioritized.

Trusted Education solution - privacy rating of 4.5/5 as audited by Education Framework

Privacy Quality Score

The rating obtained by our education software, NUITEQ Snowflake, is Student Online Privacy Protection Act (SOPPA) compliant. 

SOPPA requires clear policies on personally identifiable information, data breaches, breach responses monitoring and FERPA compliance. 

NUITEQ Snowflake has managed to check all the above points and scored a 4.5/5 rating from the Education Framework, which puts it on top in comparison to other online education solution providers - Quizlet 3.5/5, Intel Education 2.5/5, Kno Textbooks 2.5/5, Canvas LMS 3/5.

Security and privacy team

For NUITEQ to meet the needs for data security and privacy and maintain a competitive advantage in this regard, a dedicated Security and Privacy team has been created inside the organization. 

The members of the team and their responsibilities are as follows:

EdPrivacy Officer: Dr. Edward Tse - leads the data privacy work within the organization. He ensures NUITEQ meets regulations, customers’ expectations and vets contracts concerning data security and privacy.


JohanSecurity Officer: Johan Larsson - leads the data security work within the organization. He ensures NUITEQ meets regulations, customers’ expectations and vets contracts concerning data security and privacy. Additionally, he focuses on supporting the Swedish Direct Sales team and product development.


TobiasLegal Advisor: Tobias Edvardsson - as an excellent lawyer and a leading specialist in IT law, he reactively supports the Privacy and Security Officers as a legal expert.


Data rights: removal, change, or transfer

Parents, teachers, and educational authorities can request removal, change, or transfer of any student data at any time, by simply requesting it through the content change form. The proof of identity required when requesting a change will be destroyed after the request is complete. At this point, you’ll also receive a confirmation by email informing you the request was completed.

Breach Notifications

We regularly monitor the NUITEQ software for breaches and we have implemented a breach notifications form that allows administrators, IT, and stakeholders to receive breach notifications without a NUITEQ account. We will send breach notifications to all users and those who signed up through the form.

Regulatory Compliance

We use Infrastructure Services to host our products which means that we benefit from their compliance. Therefore, we have the ISO and SOC compliance, contributing to the NUITEQ products being compliant to FERPA and GDPR.

Amazon compliances


When it comes to encryption, our data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We also make sure that we do not record any data that is not necessary for the service itself.



If you have any questions regarding your data, do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking the button below and we’ll be happy to answer to you.

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