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Remote-Friendly Lesson Activities For World Environment Day

Celebrated annually on June 5th, World Environment Day aims to offer a unified response to the environmental challenges that are currently affecting our planet. The United Nations promotes awareness for the protection of our environment in many ways, but World Environment Day is the most renowned day for environmental action.

Since 1974, major corporations, NGOs, communities, and governments worldwide advocate for environmental protection. This year’s theme is biodiversity- an urgent call for people around the world to focus their efforts on a pressing environmental issue and an attempt to halt the deterioration of our planet. 

The first World Environment Day was a flagship campaign for bringing attention to environmental issues like marine pollution, human overpopulation, global warming and wildlife crime. World Environment Day has grown to become a global movement, with participation from over 143 countries every year. 

Great for students of all ages and levels, Snowflake lesson activities are easy to edit and are used for empowering educators, reducing lesson planning time, and allowing teachers to personalize their curricula to meet the diverse learning needs, strengths, and interests of students in a remote learning environment. These standards-aligned lesson activities are both fun and engaging and can be used to send to students this coming World Environment Day. 

World_Environment_Day_Lesson_Activity_1 World_Environment_Day_Lesson_Activity_2

World_Environment_Day_Lesson_Activity_3 World_Environment_Day_Lesson_Activity_4

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How can I use the lesson activities?

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