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NUITEQ and Wingsys Forge Powerful Partnership to Transform EdTech

Skellefteå, Sweden/ Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, 27 November 2023 - NUITEQ, a leading software company specializing in collaborative solutions, announces a strategic partnership with Wingsys, a prominent Portuguese company recognized for its excellence in interactive technology. 

The new partnership reinforces NUITEQ’s commitment to improving the way we teach and learn through collaborative digital solutions and strategically positions both companies to better serve the booming Education Technology market.

The partnership between NUITEQ and Wingsys brings together two innovative companies in the EdTech space, combining NUITEQ’s expertise in creating collaborative educational tools with Wingsys' renowned excellence in interactive technology. This collaboration is set to better meet the needs of schools and teachers on improving student outcomes and driving engagement in the classroom with the help of digital tools.

2023 Harry"We are thrilled to welcome Wingsys into the NUITEQ family," said Harry van der Veen, CEO and Co-founder at NUITEQ. "This partnership aligns with our commitment to providing the best collaborative solutions to customers worldwide. Wingsys' dedication to innovation and quality perfectly complements NUITEQ's mission, and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead."


Rui CalcadaWingsys shares in the enthusiasm for the two companies working together. "Joining forces with NUITEQ opens up new business opportunities for us," said Rui Calcada, CEO at Wingsys. "Our shared values of innovation and commitment to delivering high-quality interactive solutions make this partnership a natural fit. We look forward to combining our strengths to bring even more impactful solutions to the market."

NUITEQ and Wingsys will work closely to integrate their technologies and create synergies that benefit their customers as part of this partnership. With this collaboration, Wingsys will deliver its technology geared up with the teaching and learning platform NUITEQ Snowflake, an award-winning SaaS-enabled solution, further solidifying its commitment to saving teachers valuable time. This strategic move underscores the partners' dedication to providing accessible, efficient, and innovative tools for digital collaboration in education and beyond.

For further information about NUITEQ and Wingsys, please visit their respective websites:

NUITEQ: www.nuiteq.com

Wingsys: www.wingsys.pt


NUITEQ is a Swedish collaborative software company that enables people, teams, educational institutions, businesses, and government organizations to add value through smarter human interaction. We believe anyone can participate, exchange, learn, and get inspired by smarter human interaction with no digital boundaries.

With easy-to-use collaboration tools, customers and users benefit from improved creativity, engagement, and results. Our award-winning software solution is used by customers in over 70 countries.

About Wingsys 

Wingsys - Interactive Technology is a leader in the production of interactive solutions. Renowned for its innovative software and hardware, the company has been recognized by ANI - National Innovation Agency for its Innovation & Development character and honored as the "Best Manufacturer of Interactive Solutions in Portugal."