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Remarkable Teacher Tips For A Successful Back-To-School

Excited and determined or nervous and uncertain? Regardless of how you might feel as a teacher, the back-to-school rush is upon us. So, what are some strategies to make the beginning of the new school year successful?

We’ve scanned the web to learn what are the best tips teachers give for a seamless back-to-school experience. Here’s what we found:

1. What I have learned

In her blog, Teacher and Curriculum Designer Jessica mentions, amongst others, the importance of going slow, sitting down and simply breathing.


Slowly go over classroom rules and establish procedures so that your students don’t miss anything and know what’s expected of them.

Sit down while your students are busy with lesson activities, observe their behavior towards each other. This will help you in the long term to make your classroom unique.

Don’t forget about yourself. Breathe and take time for yourself and for reflection so that the first weeks of school don’t become overwhelming.

2. Constant Love and Learning

Katie, the Educator behind the Constant Love and Learning blog, underlines the importance of creating connected school communities.


In an environment where we might be wearing masks all day during class, Katie gives us a few tools to help us communicate and tune into feelings so we can create connected communities regardless of how the school environment will look like.

3. Teaching in the Tongass

One tip we particularly like comes from Jen, who is a Teacher and Curriculum Designer. On her blog, Jen encourages teachers to prepare a multitude of activities. This will help children have fun and make them excited for what’s to come in the new school year.


If you already feel overwhelmed about the work you need to put in for a successful back-to-school experience, worry no more. Access thousands of ready-made Snowflake lesson activities here. What’s great about our digital lesson activities is that they work both in the classroom and in a remote learning setting.

4. Gil Teach

A different approach to accomplish your back-to-school goals comes from Teacher Christina. She writes on her blog about four units you should include in the first weeks of school:

  • a unit on growth mindset
  • a personal essay unit
  • a poetry analysis unit
  • an intentional introduction to reading logs.


If you manage to achieve one or more of these modules,you will be well prepared for the coming year.

Do you have any tips you’d like to add? Let us know by clicking the button below.

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