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Snowflake Suite Flash Connection Component NUIversity® video

Touchtech and Natural User Interface partner on project for Sydsvenskan

Touchtech and Natural User Interface partner on project for Sydsvenskan

Extended offer: Get a FREE iPod Touch when purchasing 1 Snowflake Suite license for rear camera based solutions

Natural User Interface Technologies AB extends its special offer to get a FREE iPod Touch.

Special offer: Order 2 Snowflake Suite licenses for NextWindow and get a FREE Ipod Touch

FREE Ipod Touch

Natural User Interface's OEM partner Ideum launches new and improved multi-touch table

Natural User Interface Technologies AB's OEM partner Ideum launched their new and improved MT-50 multi-touch table.

Arcstream AV's iNTERAX multi-touch technology

Natural User Interface's UK based partner Arcstream AV opened a new Youtube channel to showcase videos of their multi-touch iNTERAX technology installations.

Quick video of Snowflake Suite 1.6 vision tracking on Horizon

Just shot a quick video, earlier today, of the Media Viewer running inside Snowflake Suite 1.6 with its integrated and optimized vision tracking module Touch Core, at approximately 60 FPS.

Natural User Interface releases major Snowflake Suite upgrade (news item)

11 August 2009

Snowflake Suite 1.6 release + free trial download for NextWindow

Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITech) has released Snowflake Suite 1.6 for NextWindow and rear camera based multi-touch solutions.

NUITech Twitter updates

Below a summary of the Natural User Interface Technologies AB (NUITech) (formerly known as Natural User Interface Europe AB) Twitter updates