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Industrial designer joining NUI team

We are proud that Hiep Truong, an Industrial Design master student from Holland and one of the earliest NUI Group members, will be joining us for 3 months.

Two new talented Indian interaction designers working within NUI

We at NUI are welcoming Adi and Divesh, two talented NUI Group interaction designers from India, to work with us starting February for a period of five months, to further develop their plans for a multitouch operating system.

Multitouch on Dutch TV (2)

Find the broadcast of yesterdays issue about multitouch technology, on Dutch TV, on the following link.

Multitouch on Dutch TV

A couple of weeks ago, I got invited to SOCO Amsterdam, because of my involvement in a multitouch project there and to give a presentation about multitouch technology and the NUI Group community. Tomorrow, that project, empowered by Peter Distol, Ralph Das and Laurence Muller, will be displayed on...

50 Free NUI Group tshirts

Because of the fact that NUI Group has reached over 1000 members, we celebrate this by giving away 50 free NUI t-shirts to people within the NUI Group community that have contributed a lot to it.

Our multitouch touchEarth application mentioned on Google blog

The touchEarth application (multitouch Google Earth) we developed, has been mentioned on the blog of Google.

Another touchEarth demo

Yet another touchEarth demo.