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Enhance Student Creativity with NUITEQ Snowflake

Teachers are recognized for their ability to deliver educational content that meets specific academic standards. In addition to being masters of their curriculum, teachers also strive to help their students become creative, critical thinkers. The ease of creating Lesson Activities on Snowflake.Live allows teachers to design engaging learning experiences, and it also allows students to build their own. In the student dashboard, all 16 lesson activity templates and features are accessible for students to create their own Lesson Activities.

When I was teaching, I would often ask students to create their own NUITEQ Snowflake Lesson Activity as part of a review exercise at the end of a unit. Students were given basic parameters and a rubric but were also given choice in how they designed their lesson activity. I reinforced the idea of “thinking like a teacher,” encouraging students to reflect on their own learning styles and what makes a lesson activity engaging. Students were able to express their creativity by adding background graphics and themes. 

Providing students with choices in how they would create their Lesson Activity was a natural motivator. Students were enjoying the experience of learning by allowing their creativity to shine with the Snowflake Lesson Activity Templates. As a result, my students became empowered learners! 

You can learn more about NUITEQ Snowflake here.

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