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Natural User Interface Europe AB secures first round investment from Savingbank of Norrland foundation for Venture Capital

18 June 2009

Natural User Interface Europe AB partners with N-trig

11 June 2009

Pictures Formula 1 with Ferrari and Natural User Interface

During the first weekend of April, at the recent Kuala Lumpur leg of the F1 race, Mubadala Development Company (Mubadala), a proud sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari team and shareholder of Ferrari, engaged Natural User Interface to show case its comprehensive business portfolio.

NUI Suite Snowflake integration on gorgeous 100" multi-touch table by Ideum

Natural User Interface's partner Ideum is working on another stunning multi-touch table that will operate on NUI Suite Snowflake.

Natural User Interface assists SingTel with iMedia launch

Natural User Interface assists SingTel with iMedia launch

Natural User Interface Europe AB in N-trig brochure

Natural User Interface Europe AB, featured in one of N-trigs brochures as an ISV partner.

Photo's N-trig booth at SID Display Week

This sign was not at the N-trig booth though. Still interesting to find such signs at exhibitions for interactive displays. As one of N-trigs people mentioned in an interview, in a couple of years from now people will be "irritated" if they try to touch the screen and its not interactive and I...

NUI Suite Snowflake on N-trig platform at SID

I visited SID Display week today, where Natural User Interface Europe AB's partner N-trig demonstrated NUI Suite Snowflake on their true multi-touch DuoSense platform, which is an integrated on amongst others HP (TouchSmart TX2) and Dell (Latitude XT and XT2) laptops, allowing people to interact...