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Active Adaptive Curriculum with NUITEQ Snowflake

Now more than ever, educators are being asked to support wider achievement gaps while following one curriculum standard. How do we prevent those who know what is being taught from being bored and those too afraid to share that they don’t get it from giving up? This is exactly why so many educators are searching for Active Adaptive Curriculum like what is provided in the NUITEQ Snowflake Community. See why Active Adaptive Curriculum is a powerful tool for every educator’s tool belt.



The limitations of textbook learning were revealed when students moved from learning in the classroom to learning in the living room. Teachers shared stories of success doing activities during class time, being flexible, and connecting homework with creative expression [1].

NUITEQ Snowflake has allowed me to create and use fun games across all subject areas. Specifically, I use NUITEQ Snowflake to create sight word games. My students have no idea that they are learning!

  Kristi Ferrise

  Teacher at Key Schools (USA)

Active curriculum such as games provide small wins that kick start good habits of success at school and in life. Active curriculum means that we are using our time in class which is often limited to motivate and inspire students. The best part is that research has shown that active learning significantly improves recall due to how we form memories [2].


The two aspects of adaptive are following the interests of students and adjusting to different levels of academic achievement. Both of these types of adaptation require a lot of extra preparation effort on behalf of the teacher. That's exactly why it is so important to have comprehensive lessons that are ready-made and are aligned to curriculum standards.

NUITEQ Snowflake provides lesson activities, complete lesson plans, and even tech homework sheets for students to save teachers lesson preparation time so that time can be used for adapting the curriculum.

Standards 400

NUITEQ Snowflake leverages the structure of curriculum standards such as Common Core to make it easy to adapt curriculum to any level. For example, a Grade 4 student who has difficulty grasping aspects of English Literacy Craft and Structure (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.4.4) can do the same topic one grade below (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.3.4) to make sure they understand literal and non-literal language.

We make it easy to align with student interests by embedding the most popular educational videos online today


It is not enough to only have in classroom activities, NUITEQ Snowflake offers complete lesson materials that provide resources that students can use before, during, and after a class.

In this grade 6 NUITEQ Snowflake subject and object pronouns lesson activity, students are asked to watch a video in advance of the class and then perform an activity during the class. There is an additional worksheet that is provided an homework that students can do at home in order to reinforce their learning.


NUITEQ Snowflake is helping educators close achievement gaps by engaging learners through adapting the curriculum to their interests and needs.

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