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NUITEQ's entrepreneurial journey: a chat with Harry van der Veen

Having just celebrated its 13th anniversary, it seems fitting to talk about NUITEQ’s journey so far. In a recent interview with Homam Alghorani, founder, producer and host of startups.zone, NUITEQ’s CEO and co-founder Harry van der Veen spoke about entrepreneurship, bootstrapping, the importance of having a mentor and NUITEQ’s pivots over the years. 

In an ever-changing and growing market, pivots are necessary. And NUITEQ is certainly no exception. Over the past 13 years, changes have been made as NUITEQ’s team grew in order to meet the needs of clients and partners. One of the main pivots was when NUITEQ shifted from hardware to software. “The biggest change was being able to support our customers faster, as with an internet connection and software, you can help them instantly, no matter where you are in the world, whereas with hardware you’re faced with more cumbersome challenges such as shipping delays and customs to just name two, when it comes to delivery,” says NUITEQ CEO and co-founder Harry van der Veen. 

About startups.zone

A Malaysian-based startups community builder that connects entrepreneurs, startups.zone helps entrepreneurs at every stage of innovation. Offering working spaces, organizing networking events and monthly meetups as well as a mentorship program is at the core of what startups.zone does. Startups.zone also encourages the sharing of entrepreneurial ideas, stories and challenges and highlights the importance of keeping up with the latest market trends. 


With a focus on education and corporate meeting rooms, NUITEQ is as dedicated as ever to transform the way people participate, collaborate, exchange and learn. One constant throughout the last 13 years has been an undeniable passion for smarter human interaction with no digital boundaries which NUITEQ believes is not only possible but should be the new norm moving forward.

The company offers its customers collaborative software and adapted content in order to improve and increase the value in human interactions.

Its award-winning software solutions maximize the use of any multi-touch touchscreen with fully independent zones that can be used simultaneously. Customers in over 70 countries have chosen NUITEQ.

For more information, visit www.nuiteq.com.

NUITEQ® and Natural User Interface® are registered trademarks of Natural User Interface Technologies AB in Sweden, EU, and the USA.

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