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Interaction Designer Martin Kuipers coming to Skellefteå

Dutch Interaction Design specialist, Martin Kuipers, which was also my mentor during my Communication & Multimedia Design education, is going to visit us in Skellefteå for a period of 5 days, from 19 to 24 November, to have some interesting brainstorm sessions regarding multi-touch software and...

NUI interviewed during Tekniska Mässan by Dagens Teknik

During Tekniska Mässan we were interviewed by Dagens Teknik, a Swedish Tech Magazine.

NUI-Box prototype demonstration in Spain

Our partner in Spain, Tempel S.A., demonstrated a prototype of the NUI-Box in Barcelona during Domotic Automatic Home, which is an initiative to make houses more comfortable, by controlling them by multi-touch.

NUI-Box / NUI Framework demonstration in Paris (promo video)

Like mentioned earlier, the NUI-Box with the NUI Framework, will be demonstrated in Paris by Visyo, our partner in France.

Natural User Interface and NUI-box in the Media (2)

One of the earlier NUI-box prototypes.

Home sweet home / upcoming events

After dropping off the NUI-box at colleague Bauer his place last night (big thanks to Bauers parents for the coffee and the cake) we had an 8 hour drive home ahead of us. We arrived early in the morning and after having a good sleep, I thought it was time to upload some videos.

Fourth and final day at Tekniska Mässan

Today was the fourth and final day at Tekniksa Mässan, the Scandinavian Fair in Stockholm. It seems like youtube processed the video of Wong (Wall pong) on the NUI-box, that I tried to upload last night. Here it is:

Third day at Tekniska Mässan

Today during the third day I met Kamelisko, one of the NUI Group members that come from Finland to Sweden, just to see the NUI-box in action and to talk to me. We had some nice discussions and sharing of ideas. Thanks for coming Kam.

Photo's second day Tekniska Mässan

Like mentioned earlier, I was going to post some photo's of our booth on the second day of Tekniska Mässan.

First day at Tekniksa Mässan

We ran into a couple of interesting people today from NUI Group as well outside the community that came to Stockholm, just to see the NUI-box. Thank you, for coming!

Our booth at Tekniska Mässan in Stockholm Sweden

Like mentioned in my previous blogpost just below at http://www.multitouch.nl/?p=119, we will be displaying the NUI-box in Stockholm at the Scandinavian Technical Fair Tekniska Mässan.

NUI-box to be displayed at Tekniska Mässan in Stockholm and Paris

Stockholm or Barcelona?

Pictures of NUI-box in action during Researchers day in Skelleftea, Sweden

I posted earlier about the NUI-box at the Researchers day in Skelleftea, Sweden.

Natural User Interface and NUI-box in the media

A while ago we had a media presentation for a couple of Swedish news papers and a Swedish tv station. View the video below from the tv broadcast at Swedish TV4 with colleague Dr. Johannes Hirche.

NUI-box at Adobe Max Chicago

Like mentioned earlier here: http://www.multitouch.nl/?p=112 we got invited to Max in Chicago by Adobe. Colleague Christian Moore was there for us to represent Natural User Interface and the NUI Group community.

NUI-box success during Researchers day in Skelleftea Sweden

The NUI-box was a great succes during Researchers day in Skelleftea, Sweden. We presented our multi-touch multi user input device called NUI-box to the public.

New photo's NUI-box (~box)

This time with a stickered black logo opposed to a spray painted one.

Multi-touch at Adobe Max Chicago by NUI and NUI Group