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The NEXT Hub is an affordable and environmentally friendly solution that breathes new life into older displays by upgrading existing hardware to a modern OS. 

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Take Your Interactive Experience to the NEXT LEVEL

With the NEXT, upgrading ineffective displays is no longer an expensive hassle. Just plug and play and witness the transformation!
By choosing the NEXT, you not only save money but also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint, making it a truly eco-conscious and rewarding choice.
Unlike the conventional practice of discarding outdated displays, our innovative NEXT offers a budget-friendly upgrade. It eliminates the need for costly disposal and the purchase of the latest upgraded display.
Embrace a cost-effective and sustainable solution with the NEXT!


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NEXT in the classroom

Breathe New Life Into Your Classroom's Old Display

Say goodbye to the limitations of your classroom's display and enter an era of interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Seamlessly integrated with NUITEQ Chorus, NEXT revitalizes your outdated display, transforming it into a tool that fosters active participation and collaboration. 

By choosing NEXT, you're not just upgrading hardware but investing in a teaching tool that aligns with modern pedagogical principles. The interactive features provided by the Chorus software, in conjunction with NEXT, open up a world of creative possibilities for educators to deliver engaging lessons, foster student collaboration, and cater to diverse learning styles.


Pre-loaded with A Comprehensive Software Suite

  • Chorus (Professional): award-winning online teaching and learning platform including whiteboard capabilities (optionally Chorus Premier available with AI Assistant)
  • Collage: for wireless casting
  • Command: for remote device management
The software included in the NEXT Hub enriches user experiences without incurring additional costs. Additionally, operating on Android 13 with an upgraded chipset, the NEXT system delivers an enhanced user interface. This interface simplifies logins, supports multi-panel connections, and enables intuitive navigation, ensuring a robust, secure, and user-friendly interactive experience.




EDLA Certification

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The NEXT is a trailblazer as the first video hub to obtain native EDLA certification. This certification is a game-changer, providing enhanced security and streamlined access to native Google applications such as Google Classroom, Meet, and Drive. Users benefit from a seamless sign-in process with their Google accounts, enabling access to a wide range of educational and business applications available in the Google Play Store.

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Unlock the Power of Plug and Play

The NEXT Hub is designed to seamlessly integrate with your older panel, creating an instant transformation. 

Effortless Integration: The NEXT is placed on top of your display, ensuring a hassle-free setup.
Plug and Play: Simply plug it in and enjoy enhanced performance and modern software experiences.
Versatile Connectivity: With a wide range of input and output options, the NEXT lets you easily connect to your existing display, making it a versatile solution for any setup.

Experience the new features and functionalities of the latest displays on your outdated panel without needing a complete hardware overhaul.

Visual and Audio Performance

video (600 x 600 px)


The NEXT system's audio performance is significantly enhanced by its 2×10W dual-channel high-power speakers, seamlessly complementing the Collar Microphone by delivering superior audio output quality. Additionally, it incorporates noise reduction, echo cancellation, reverberation resistance, and a built-in AGC algorithm, ensuring exceptional voice capture capabilities. Moreover, the NEXT system features a built-in 6-array microphone with a 32kHz sampling rate, offering an impressive pickup range of up to 8 meters. 

In terms of visual capabilities, the NEXT system is integrated with the HC200 boasting a 120-degree field of view with stunning 4K resolution, ensuring crystal-clear video conferencing and presentation experiences.

The NEXT 3-in-1 Microphone System

The CM100 collar microphone enhances the NEXT, offering dual high-quality microphones and a variety of adapters for versatile usage. Its integration amplifies communication clarity, reduces vocal strain, and facilitates engaging discussions between educators and students. This accessory ensures sustained audio quality, enabling educators to effortlessly convey concepts in a more interactive learning environment.

Next microphone kit