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NUITEQ Snowflake adds new ClassLink integration

One of a teacher’s most precious commodities is time. Teachers have a finite number of minutes each day to provide their students with meaningful and high-quality education. The last thing any teacher wants is to lose those precious minutes solving technical problems, especially as it relates to transitioning between educational technology tools. In my own experience as a former middle school teacher, there was always, ALWAYS at least one student in every class who unfortunately, and often at no fault of their own, would be locked out of whichever educational app we were using. Managing student account and password information was a regular struggle that consumed far too much of our limited instructional time.

ClassLink has provided a solution to the tedious login process by offering single sign-on with NUITEQ Snowflake. Students can now simply sign on to their main ClassLink dashboard and have an automatic connection with educational apps and websites used by their district. Having taught for eleven years, I cherish every moment I had with my former students. But I cannot help but think of all the time that could have been better spent on curriculum, critical thinking, and strengthening our relationships had I not needed to manage password recovery every time we opened our devices.  



Danielle Maclin 
NUITEQ Education Technology Coach, and former teacher

The life of a school level administrator is a hectic and rewarding experience. Each day you wake up knowing the impact your decisions can have on young people. However, your decision impacts the teachers in your building as well. Every choice is a choice that either improves or hinders the ability to teach and learn.

Often those choices included educational materials and technology for the classroom. The struggle to choose the right curriculum, software or hardware that would enable teachers to provide deeper learning experiences weighed heavily on my mind. I often spent hours or days looking to find the tools that worked seamlessly together. I worked to find things that would add to active learning time, not time spent transitioning from one item to the next.

I always worried about lost instructional time. For instance, if one student in each class forgot their NUITEQ Snowflake password, a teacher with five sections would lose 25 minutes a day. Multiply that by 180 days a year, and that is 4,500 minutes or almost 75 hours (over eleven days).

Classlink Automatic Rostering

It is for that reason that I am excited NUITEQ Snowflake has now partnered with ClassLink to provide single sign on and rostering. Students no longer have to worry about keeping track of usernames and passwords and teachers do not have to build classes or rosters within the software.  One click on the ClassLink portal and both educator and learner are signed in and ready to go. Best of all, they recoup all that lost instructional time.

Jack Reed_3-1


Jack Reed 
NUITEQ VP of Customer Experience and former school and district administrator 

If you are a district that uses ClassLink and would like to enable rostering and use Snowflake in your portal, please email Jack Reed.

He will enable your account and respond with step by step instructions. You will then enjoy the automation and daily updates through ClassLinks partnership with NUITEQ Snowflake! 

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