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Happy NUI Year

NUI Software Demo


Adi and Divesh, two of NUI's affiliates are currently demonstrating multi-touch software solutions in India. Find below their the leaflets they spread at their presentation at the NID convocation design showcase.

Blogpost about the Digital Interactive Table

A while ago I posted about the DIT, Digital Interactive Table, a multi-user multi-touch interactive table we developed at NUI. I ran into a blogpost at Pixfans.

Multitouch presentation in Poland (media and keynote)

Last week, colleague Pawel Solyga, the author of Open Touch was interviewed by the Polish media, regarding multi-touch technology.

Internship proposal C++/OpenGL programmer

NUI is looking for 1-2 students (from whatever country), that are interested in an internship in Sweden to help develop custom made multi-touch software applications in c++ and opengl for our global clients for a period of 3-6 months.

Our new video of touchEarth (Google Earth multi-touch)

Featured in German design magazine

NUI Group got featured in Page, a German design magazine. The article focuses on multi-touch solutions. Big thanks to Author Jens Franke who collaborated with colleagues Christian Moore and Tim Roth to develop this article.

FTIR Depth Mapping

AS3/FTIR Depth Mapping from ~ on Vimeo.

NUI featured in Association Francaise de Realite Virtuelle

NUI got featured in a French magazine called Association Francaise de Realite Virtuelle. Translation in English, below the French version. Thanks Google for translating :)

DIT - Google Earth at SIMO 2007 (update)

For Tempel and BBVA we developed the DIT (Digital Interactive Table), a multi-user multi-touch screen.

touchEarth / 3d model application

See below our video of touchEarth (Google Earth multi-touch) and a 3d model application.

Multi-touch evening at SOCO Amsterdam with Martin Kaltenbrunner and Ralph Das

Like stated earlier, I got invited by Peter Distol from SOCO Amsterdam to be on a 3 person panel to discuss multi-touch.