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Starcraft on our multitouch

Peter playing starcraft on our multitouch display.

Microsoft Surface

I came a cross a link on the NUIgroup community forum, about a product called Microsoft Surface. It seems that Microsoft is, after doing intensive research on Touchlight, also getting into the game that's called multitouch.

Multi-touch display exhibition at Skelleftea

Today there was an exhibition featuring 3 main projects of the Lulea Technical University at Skelleftea. One of them was our multi-touch project. A couple of news papers and photographers dropped by to note some info and take some pictures. I pretended to be one of the photographers, so no chance...

Multi-touch thesis presentations

Today I attended the presentations of my four Swedish fellow students.

Tom Clancy's Endwar trailer with multitouch / Microsoft PlayTable GUI

I came across a nice trailer of the game Tom Clancy's Endwar, where they use a multitouch interface for command and control. Check out the movie here:

Updated my ftir multi touch display how-to guide

update @ 21:15:

Rosco rear projection screen tested with silicone rubber sheet

Today we received a sample of Rosco grey rear projection screen, which one of my project mates from Holland sent me (thanks Martin). We wanted to test it, because the plastic white paper material we used as a projection screen didn't block any ambient infrared light and we knew Rosco did. But we...

Box painted

Here are some pictures of our painted box.

tDesk & Touch Tracer - multitouch demo applications

Falcon4ever of NUIgroup, created a small demo application called tDesk. tDesk is an experimental tool running on Windows XP, which enables users with an FTIR multitouch screen to move and resize (multiple) applications with their bare hands.

Alternative forward page option in browser

What annoys me sometimes, yeah I'm kinda shortminded, is that when you want to browse through a certain site, that you explicity have to go to the location of the "next" button or click on a number on the button of the page, like 1 2 3 4 5 (where as every number is a different page) But what if you...

Final adjustments prototype

2 fans in one of the air tunnel hoods, that will be placed close to the beamer.

Small whiteboard and picture for usability

At the NHL in Holland where I study I heard teachers are often frustrated because 20 times a day students and other people come into the room, to disturb them and take them out of their concentration, to ask if they have seen a certain person, that day, or if they know where that certain person may...

door and airtunnels

The door is attached to the back of the box, so it can be easily opened for displaying purposes.

camera attachment, handles, aircondition, top cover

Yesterday we attached the webcam to our box. Afterwards we fine tuned the angle of the beamer and the mirror. We did a couple of quick application tests (photo app & smoke). The dimensions of our screen are not optimal because the ratio is not 4:3, but we will adjust this with software.

Some more details on the silicone rubber

The silicone rubber sheets we prepared are made out of 2 fluids that you combine and then they cure over time. The fluids come from a company named Wacker Chemie AG. Their website is located here: http://www.wacker.com

Mounting and testing the screen

So this morning we pulled our screen from the oven ;), to further assemble it.

Making silicone rubber sheet for prototype / diy oven

So Tuesday we made 2 test samples of silicone rubber sheets, that worked very well. Therefor we made another one for our 60*60 prototype.

multi-touch display how-to guide release alpha version

I'm releasing an alpha version of my multi-touch display how-to guide.

Making a silicone rubber sheet

Today Peter and I have been creating 2 silicone rubber test sheets. 1 sheet is 1 mm thick and the other one is 2 mm thick. So we can test which thickness is better. This sheet will be placed between a projection screen and the acrylic to improve the coupling between the two.

Angled mirror video

Finishing beamer mechanism

Yesterday Peter and I worked in the metal lab on finishing the mechanism that'll hold the beamer inside the box. It's finished now and should only be attached inside the box now.

A multi-touch FTIR display howto video compilation

I ran into this video on youtube, from Falcon4ever , one of my Dutch homies from the NUIgroup community, check out his video below.

Arrived in Sweden

Monday 30th of April, I met the four students and the project supervisor, I'm working with. Niklas Brolin and Michael Thörnlund, are both working on the gesture recognition library. Niklas is purely concentrating on the gesture recognition itself, whereas Michael is working on the connection with...