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Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.0.1 update released

NUITEQ's Partner Touch International at Display Week SID 2012 in Boston

NUITEQ's Partner Touch International was present at Display Week SID 2012 in Boston this week, to showcase their touch and multitouch display technology, using Snowflake Suite.

Big Steve visiting the NUITEQ office

Big Steve visited the NUITEQ office today and brought these fun Big Steve iMasks.

Multitouch software Snowflake Suite center of attraction in shopping mall

One of NUITEQ's customers in the south of Sweden, deployed a 3 multitouch monitor system, running Snowflake Suite, inside a shopping mall.

How IKEA is using multitouch software Snowflake Suite in their shopping outlets

In the below video you can see how IKEA is using Snowflake Suite as a part of the entertainment experience for visitors.

How to setup the e-mail functionality in Snowflake Suite

Within Snowflake Suite (the Ultimate Edition) there is an e-mail functionality inside Media Viewer to email content such as images, videos, PDF brochures etc.

Why the Snowflake Suite Developer and Lite Edition for multitouch software development?