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NUITEQ Chorus is a teaching and learning software platform that makes education fun, brings interactivity to your school, and increases collaboration in the classroom and remote learning settings.

Now with award-winning AI Assistant!
Available in 40+ languages!
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Activate your students for greater engagement with Chorus.

Ideal for distance learning or for your classroom, Chorus gives you access to teacher-made standard-aligned lessons accessible anytime, anywhere. It provides a safe environment for online collaboration and allows simultaneous personalized instruction, making curriculum relevant to students' lives.

Save time with the Award-Winning Chorus AI Assistant

While the heart of education lies in the connection between teachers and students, technology has consistently contributed to simplifying teachers’ lives. The AI Assistant is here to facilitate the way you work. By automating routine tasks, the AI Assistant allows you to focus even more on fostering meaningful relationships and guiding students toward success. 

The AI Assistant supplements your expertise, assisting you in creating lesson activities. We designed this tool to enhance your role as an educator.


Elevate teaching and learning with Chorus integrated within your Canvas LMS

Leverage the power of Chorus and Canvas LMS to create a more engaging and effective learning environment for your students.

With streamlined single sign-on and data synchronization, you can easily access Chorus’s interactive teaching tools and resources within Canvas, making it more convenient for you and your students to use.

Discover Chorus within Canvas and take advantage of improved workflow efficiency.


The 3S of Chorus

standards (1)

Save time scouring the web for content for your next lesson with the standard-aligned Chorus Lessons available on the desktop and online versions.
Play lessons made by teachers for teachers on a large display, PC, Chromebook, laptop, or other mobile devices students have in a flipped classroom.


Link multiple lessons together to tell a story that you can play on any device. See your progress or take several lessons and turn them into an activity table.


Send out activities to the entire class and receive automatically graded lessons to formatively respond at the speed of teaching.
Receive social feedback on your created activities with likes and comments. Share lessons only within your class using a lesson group that students can contribute to.
Poll (Student Response System) includes bad word filtering for open-text answers to minimize class disruptions.

Providing the Right Scaffolds


Every age and subject has different needs; Chorus offers a unique configurator that allows the schools’ IT Administrator to select the appropriate scaffolds of both tools and content their teachers need.

Personalized Learning Your Way

Together with its online version, Chorus creates an active learning system well adapted to personalized learning. It enables educators to choose the teaching resources that work best for their students and display different content and activities in a different Zone.


Video Linked Lessons

Chorus training


More and more teachers are using videos to boost student engagement in the classroom.

With Chorus, you have access to video-linked lessons that provide hands-on activities aligned with educational standards.

These lessons are made by teachers for teachers by the members of NUITEQ’s Global Content Department, but also by teachers all over the world who use Chorus in their classroom.

A Safe Community for Collaborating

Lessons connected to the specific grade level and subject can be filtered in Chorus. Small-group collaborative learning is enabled using separate Zones.

Chorus board



Device Agnostic, Anywhere, Anytime

Teachers and students can now easily and quickly create engaging, and relevant activities using the online version of Chorus on any device, anywhere, and anytime.

The Chorus online active learning ecosystem allows teachers to share their lessons with other teachers, saving them lesson planning time. The lessons can be used online, on your PC, Chromebook, laptop, or other mobile device, or in tabletop mode on a large interactive display.


Benefits of taking Chorus online

  • Content made by teachers for teachers
  • Complementary activities for educational videos
  • Standards-aligned lessons to match your curriculum, created by active teachers that are brief, fun to watch, and engaging for the whole class
  • Customise lessons and lesson plans right from the browser on any device, anywhere, and anytime
  • Supplement your expertise with our AI Assistant
  • Online polls to engage the entire class with our Student Response System
  • Storytelling using Lists of Lessons
  • Browse by standard, language, popularity, and find regional events
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics): Activities during class
  • Links to the best educational resources available on the Internet
  • Connects to a learning ecosystem for content, classroom management, and formative assessment.

Be part of the Chorus Teachers Community

The Chorus online active learning ecosystem allows teachers to share their lessons with other teachers saving them lesson planning time.

Connect and engage through comments and feedback on other teachers’ lessons and get everything you need to create interactive classroom experiences.



CHORUS Supports

  • Blended/Flipped: Activities during class
  • Project-based learning: Create an adventure with Lesson Lists
  • Concept mapping: Organise relevant content in Nodes
  • Problem-based learning: Supports truly independent inquiry in Zones
  • Multiple means of presentation: Of learning content and activities
  • Digital curation: By teachers and students
  • Learning stations: For small groups in upright and tabletop settings
  • STEAM labs, Maker Spaces: With active content and mobile creation
  • Teacher professional development: With online courses and videos
  • Accessibility: Guided access, voice recording, dyslexia-friendly font, and color overlays.
  • 40+ supported languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and more.

You’ll also love

  • Nodes: Curate content and organize them with links in a Mind Map
  • Chorus online: Free vetted active learning lessons
  • Active Learning: Dynamic lessons with content directly from your camera roll
  • Remote: Control from anywhere in the classroom
  • Region/Language support: Change text into any language
  • Teacher Training: Free video tutorials available
  • Live Support: Via Email, Skype, Phone, and online Customer Support Helpdesk.
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  • Data used for school purposes only
  • Parents can request deletion data
  • Breach response activity is defined
  • Student data transfer encrypted
  • Data retention for school purposes only
  • Student data is securely protected