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5 Trends Shaping Education in 2022

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released their Trends Shaping Education report in January 2022. What emerging global trends are poised to disrupt education in the future? We explore 5 trends to watch for and discuss ways to prepare learners to compete in a global workplace.

1. Economic growth and social mobility

Today there are less people per capita who are living in extreme poverty than 30 years ago. Yet, there the gap in GDP per capita between OECD nations and the world average is growing. Market capitalization is rising for big tech companies and falling for manufacturing and resource companies.

The OECD says that education has an important role in “upskilling and reskilling” our workforce. Workers will need to be lifelong learners if they wish to remain competitive in the workplace of the future. This means that schools increasingly need to think about education outside of the walls of the school.

This is one of the reasons why NUITEQ Snowflake has focused on supporting hybrid learning. Learning activities not only need to be aligned to curriculum standards to save teachers time. They also need to work in various settings such as classrooms, small groups, or as homework assignments. More education policymakers are asking schools to prepare for learning in the classroom and the living room.


2. Growth in Freelancing

The OECD estimates that the number of freelance workers has grown 11% every year between 2016 and 2021. They estimate that there are currently 185 million freelance workers globally.

The OECD suggests that growth in freelancing might lead to de-urbanization as more workers choose to live in places that are affordable and fit their lifestyle rather than near the office that they work.

Growth in freelance work could result in more families choosing remote or hybrid learning. Highlighting the need to build upon the interests of the learner where their confidence is strongest. This confidence can build the self-efficacy and resilience needed to learn independently. Creative work can also be turned into a portfolio that can be shown to family and friends and ultimately to potential employers in the future.

As an educator, to be able to quickly pull images from the internet or switch up the format of an activity is key. I don’t have time to relearn programs, so having the consistency of Lessons Online and the Lessons app is also very helpful.

  Christine Petersen
  Digital Learning Specialist
  Walton County School District (USA)

The context of the video helps explain how the learning objective is connected to student interest. It frames the curriculum as something learners are already familiar with. It fosters the resilience needed to work through misconceptions..

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3. Knowledge and power

The exponential growth in information has resulted in an abundance of misinformation. Greater uncertainty about the future can lead to greater anxiety, frustration, and anger that can be amplified by social media. Our increasing reliance on algorithms and artificial intelligence are raising issues of ethics, transparency, and accountability.

Increased access to information has resulted in more responsibility for consumers to think critically about what we see online. More schools are being asked to help learners quickly evaluate if statements are facts or opinions and to seek factual sources such as Snopes.com.

Equitable access to information where there isn’t an always-on Internet connection has been a priority for NUITEQ Snowflake. Videos can be downloaded, worksheets can be accessed offline, and lessons can be played on Windows and Mac devices without an always-on Internet connection.

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4. Identity and Belonging 

A rise in personalization and learning choices available gives learners a greater voice in the learning process. Learners can find like-minded friends online that help them develop a sense of belonging. As countries become more multicultural, they start to appreciate the unique contributions that each person can bring to a community. Education can help promote a positive sense of self-identity in a multicultural community.

The OECD recommends making education accessible, adaptable, and affordable for all learners. This is why NUITEQ Snowflake has focused on an active adaptive curriculum. We believe that education should meet the level of the learner. A student who is struggling with a particular concept can simply try a lower grade to help identify any foundational concepts that they are not yet proficient in. Cohort-based learning can help to fill the gaps in a misunderstanding by looking at the responses of classmates in a NUITEQ Snowflake Poll.


5. Balancing Society and the Environment

As medical advances allow people to live longer, our approach to the environment and collective well-being will be more important for our survival. Education can bring awareness to how our eating habits impact the sustainability of food production.

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NUITEQ is proud to have its headquarters in Skelleftea, Sweden close to the forest, mountains, and nature. We recognize that environmental awareness is important for a sustainable future. This is why we have learning activities focused on the environment and recycling practices that protect our planet.

Students are excited about learning when we use Snowflake. It doesn’t matter what I do, what topic I teach, they’re having so much fun. The best thing about it is they’re learning with interactivity.

  Carla Dunder 
  Special Education Teacher

  Balder School (Sweden)


Looking Forward

While the future may be uncertain, the trends shaping education are clear: employers are valuing credentials such as University degrees less. More workers are choosing the flexibility of careers in freelancing. Schools and districts can invest in hybrid and personalized learning tools that help students discover their creative potential and make portfolios that enable them to compete in a global workplace.  

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