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Testing different rear projection screens

We received 4 samples of rear projection screen from Teknilux in Sweden. Eventhough the black sample had a very nice image (a bit better then the other 3), it was totally useless with the silicone rubber sheet. No blobs at all. The 3 other samples worked very well. But the material is less sturdy...

multitouch conceptual 3d models

Peter Bomark my colleague of the Hardware Design and Construction Department developed a couple of conceptual 3d models for multitouch devices. I posted two of them below.

firewire sweetness

We ordered a new camera for our research. It's the Unibrain Fire-i™ Digital Board Camera. And this baby is sweet. After having thoroughly tested the Philips SPC900NC, we definitely wanted to test out a firewire cam, because of the general knowledge of a firewire cam being faster then a USB cam....

Cheaper shipping costs for silicone rubber / firewire cam / tft's

We have shipped our first orders to the States and within Europe. We got more orders for these silicone rubber compliant surface overlays, so we will be busy with producing them the upcoming days.

firewire cam, rear projection screen samples, silicone rubber, acrylic, summit

Today we ordered a nice firewire camera for us with 2 lenses. Hopefully it will be arriving somewhere next week so we can do some serious testing with that baby. I'll be putting more details here lateron.

Diffused Illumination testing

I briefly talked about IR rear illumination in an earlier post. But there's also IR illumination from the front (ambient IR). Therefor it would be suitable to have a general name for both these methods. Whitenoise came up with the word Diffused Illumination, which sounds as a fairly good...

NUI Group accesible by Ventrilo

NUI Group the open source multitouch community is now also accesable through Ventrilo. If you want to have a voice conversation for example discuss certain software or hardware topics, hop on to our server.

multitouch by rear infrared illumination

Instead of using FTIR as a method for vision based multitouch, you can also use a method of flooding the acrylic surface from the back with an IR illuminator like Microsoft does with their Surface. We created our own IR illuminator by bundling a certain amount of IR leds close to eachother. We did...

Another Starcraft movie on our multitouch display

Because of special requests another movie of the game Starcraft being played on our multitouch display. Thanks to Peter (Kwissus) for recording and uploading the movie.

Another multitouch Starcraft movie, this time multi touch

I posted a movie, some time ago, about Peter playing Starcraft on our multitouch display. But basically this wasn't multitouch, because it wasn't multiple input at the same time. Basically what Peter did, was use a script that translates every fingerdown on the screen into a mouseclick. But...

Disassembling a TFT monitor for multitouch project

Today Peter disassembled a TFT monitor to see if it was suitable for a new multitouch project, where we use a TFT to display the image, instead of a beamer with a projection screen. The Viewsonic va903b was not suitable, because the FFC cable was not long enough. Theoretically it could have been...

Apple touch patent

I came across an interesting Apple touch patent, while browsing the MacNN website.

Microsoft Surface (multitouch) video's

Here are a couple of Microsoft Surface video's I uploaded to my youtube.