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NUITEQ and Science Center Exploratoriet educate students

NUITEQ has had the pleasure to collaborate with Exploratoriet Science Center in Skellefteå on Matvalet (Food choice), a school program for 13-15 year old students, that promotes sustainability in our food production and choices, and underlines the importance of attracting young people to the agriculture branch. Sustainable consumption and production is an important goal in the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. Matvalet is supported by LRF Västerbotten (Federation of Swedish Farmers), the Swedish Council for Higher Education’s project “The Global School - Northern region” and the County Administrative Board.

This interactive online school program is built within a customised version of the NUITEQ Snowflake Teaching and Learning platform and can be used on any device that has a browser and access to the Internet. This makes it ideal for any school, regardless of where it is located. The school program consists of lists of engaging educational lesson activities that each focus on vital issues: climate and environment, food self-reliance, and food waste. Students play through each list, reading the information carefully and synthesising it to find clues to the questions they are asked. The goal of this program is to create awareness about the issue of sustainable consumption and production and the importance of individual choices, to awaken the curiosity of students and to be a springboard for constructive discussions in the classroom.

"We wanted to be able to reach the whole region and hopefully the whole country of course. An online school program is very good in this case. Because it doesn’t matter if you live in Storuman or in Lycksele, you can still participate in this program. You can also visit the exhibition at Exploratoriet of course and use other parts. It is a program that will be available to everyone.", says Anette Hyltegård, Exploratoriet.

"It has been a real eye-opener to work on Matvalet with Exploratoriet when it comes to understanding the importance of sustainable food production and consumption. Being able to use a customized version of our Teaching and Learning platform NUITEQ Snowflake to help teachers in their instruction of this vital topic and to bring awareness and knowledge to students has been a real pleasure.", says Myrto Pitsava, Education Technology Coach at NUITEQ.

Matvalet is accompanied by an exhibition at Exploratoriet Science Center in Skellefteå. It opened on the 26th of April and will be a permanent point in Exploratoriet’s offerings for years to come.