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camera attachment, handles, aircondition, top cover

Yesterday we attached the webcam to our box. Afterwards we fine tuned the angle of the beamer and the mirror. We did a couple of quick application tests (photo app & smoke). The dimensions of our screen are not optimal because the ratio is not 4:3, but we will adjust this with software.




We drilled holes on both sides of the box, so we can easily left the device if we want to move it. We didn't want handles because they stick out and people might bump into that or whatever.



Later on, the holes on the side where given a nice round edges, so they will be nice to see and to touch. On the back of the box we will place a door, for displaying purposes of the inside of the box.



We will create a special panel on the back as well for all the connectors (power supply, usb etc.)


Today we worked on a wooden frame to cover the top of the display.



Also the edges of the entire box were given a nice smooth round edge.


Because the aluminum beamer lifting mechanism gets pretty warm in a short amount of time, we wanted to have fans in the box as well to create an airflow.

We figured we could use the holes that we use as handles, for that. But we didn't actually want the fans to be visible, hereby else preventing sticking objects into it.
So we decided to make air tunnels. But we had to keep in mind that we didn't either want to interrupt the beamed image, therefore we needed to work below a certain line/angle (2 pieces of white tape on the images)





We used some kind of black carbon cardboard material or so for the fan tunnel system.

Tomorrow we will attach the wooden frame on the top of the device and finish building the door and the fan system.