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Making silicone rubber sheet for prototype / diy oven

So Tuesday we made 2 test samples of silicone rubber sheets, that worked very well. Therefor we made another one for our 60*60 prototype.

First we mixed the 2 fluids to make the silicone rubber liquid. Which we put onto the acrylic.


Then we equally divided the liquid onto the acrylic surface.

By equalizing the surface with an aluminum strip, we got a perfect transparent flat result.


(The edges of the 2 wooden strips (covered with black tape) are actually 1 mm higher then the acrylic, therefor creating a 1mm silicone rubber layer on top of the acrylic).

All there was left was waiting for the fluid to dry. And since we were impatient we decided to build some sort of oven.

We made a carbon board box with aluminum foil on the inside and a hole in the ceiling of the box, so we could place a 100 watt lamp above it, to make the process go faster.





The temperature of the inside of the box after one hour was about 5 degrees warmer then the room where we placed the box in, so basically the diy oven was completely useless :)

Instead of waiting 14 hours to let it dry, I think we had to wait 13 hours or so, but we had fun building the oven ;)

We should have used the sauna instead, that's also located in the building.

We'll probably do that with the bigger (2*1,5m ? version)