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door and airtunnels

The door is attached to the back of the box, so it can be easily opened for displaying purposes.


The edges are were sanded, to remove any visual imperfections.


The construction of the air tunnels is finished.


Hedges were placed inside the box to hold the air tunnels. This is done in a way so that they can be easily removed, in case you want to acces the beamer.


We finished the air tunnels off with a layer of black tape.


Left air tunnel containing 2 ventilators that blow out the hot air.


Right air tunnel letting air in the box, from outside.


2 Ventilators were placed inside the air tunnels on the left. (Tomorrow I will post pictures about the installed ventilators)

This way we create an airflow, going through the holes on the side, that we initially use as handles, but because of the fact that the beamer is getting pretty warm, we used them as airconditioning holes as well.

So we create a flow of fresh air that comes into to box on the lower right and the warm hot air gets blown out on the higher left.

During the design of the airtunnels we kept in mind, that we didn't want to interrupt the beamed image.