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Finishing beamer mechanism

Yesterday Peter and I worked in the metal lab on finishing the mechanism that'll hold the beamer inside the box. It's finished now and should only be attached inside the box now.

We glued the mirror to the part of the box where we can place it in an angle.

We looked into the possible different materials we could use as a compliant surface overlay.

Further more we brainstormed about some design improvements regarding the prototype, which we will draw out soon and apply later on. Aside to that Johannes handed me an interested book on user interface design, which I took a glance at and contains quite some interesting things we might want to keep in mind during the development of our user interface within the game concept.

Some of the posts here will be exactly the same as on http://multitouch.web-log.nl. But I intend to post only the less uninteresting posts that I post there on this blog as well. Since that is more of a daily diary on what I do in Sweden.