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tDesk & Touch Tracer - multitouch demo applications

Falcon4ever of NUIgroup, created a small demo application called tDesk.
tDesk is an experimental tool running on Windows XP, which enables users with an FTIR multitouch screen to move and resize (multiple) applications with their bare hands.

(1) This movie shows how to move and scale dialogs in windows:

(2) This movie shows how to move multiple dialogs in windows:

Falcon4ever also wrote the Touch tracer application, which works on both Windows XP and Linux.

Touch Tracer v0.2
Touch Tracer v0.2 source code

Optional downloads
msvcr80.dll and msvcp80.rar - Required if no vs2k5 runtime dlls are installed
Visual Studio 2005 sp1 redist. package - Entire package if the one above fails

Visit Falcon4ever's blog for more info.