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multi-touch display how-to guide release alpha version

I'm releasing an alpha version of my multi-touch display how-to guide.

This version is not complete, but it should give a pretty clear view on how to build a multi-touch display. It will probably contain grammar and spelling faults, but currently I'm at the point of rather sharing this with people in this stadium then letting people wait much longer before they can get their hands on a final version.

This guide mostly consists of images that I took myself and one in particular is copyright by Jeff Han, because I was to lazy to draw one myself.

If anybody has any suggestions or comments/feedback let me know.

The part about the projection screen isn't really finished, since that's still a pretty open subject at this moment.

You can download it here: http://www.multitouch.nl/documents/multitouch_howto.doc

I'll probably release another version lateron, when I have some more spare time and the willingness to do it.