NUI Twitter update 14-28 February

February 28, 2009

Natural User Interface Twitter update 14-28 Feb

NUI partner Ideum installs Multitouch Table and Mapping Exhibit

February 21, 2009

Natural User Interface's (NUI) partner Ideum installed a multitouch table and mapping exhibit.

NUI Twitter update 2-13 Feb

February 13, 2009

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Ideum launches Multitouch Blogs, sponsored by Natural User Interface

February 12, 2009

NUI's partner Ideum launched a new initiative called Multitouch Blogs, sponsored by NUI.

Press release NUI Ideum partnership online

February 10, 2009

US based Ideum Inc. signed an OEM Partnership with Sweden based Natural User Interface, to integrate NUI Suite Snowflake on their mt2 table, a multi-user multi-touch interactive table for museums and exhibitions.

NUI Suite Snowflake video

February 07, 2009

Update 15:35h:

NUI OEM Partner Ideum releases new robust multi-touch table with NUI Suite Snowflake

February 04, 2009

Update Friday 6 Feb: NUI and Ideum also hit PC Magazine (PC Mag),2817,2340474,00.asp

NUI mentioned in Computer Sweden as a Swedish alternative to Microsoft Surface

February 02, 2009

Computer Sweden, a leading Swedish IT magazine, today dedicated an article to NUI's offering, of a Swedish alternative to Microsoft Surface.

NUI Twitter Highlights of last week

February 01, 2009

You can find NUI's Twitter